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5 Simple Ways To Eat Less Calories

How to eat less calories to get your abs to show

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing 5 simple ways to eat less calories to get your abs to show.

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Alright, we all have abs.

But to get visible abs, you first need to get rid of that stubborn layer of belly fat.

In order to incinerate this stubborn belly fat, I need you to create a calorie deficit, by burning more calories, with your activity level, than you’re consuming via food.

And when I say food, I’m referring mainly to the healthy whole foods that I profiled in my Top 12 Super Foods Video Series.

Depending on your current body composition, save the processed food, candy, and pizza for your cheat meal.

Now, in my experience with our group coaching clients, burning a lot of calories your workouts is the easy part.

It’s the nutrition side of the equation that most people have trouble with.

People hate the feeling of constant hunger usually brought on by fad diets.

Fortunately, here at Live Lean TV, we don’t do fad diets.

We’re all about making sustainable lifestyle choices that fills you up, while still being in a slight calories deficit.

Here are 5 simple ways to eat less calories to get your abs to show.

5 Simple Ways To Eat Less Calories To Get Your Abs To Show

5 simple ways to eat less calories to get your abs to show

#1: Don’t keep junk food in your house or near by

This is the classic case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

In my opinion, this is the most effective trick of all.

Regardless of your environment, if you don’t have chips, soda, and crackers in your house or stored in your office desk, you’ll definitely eat them less.

Even when most people have a huge craving for something, they’re usually too lazy to go out to the store to buy it.

Score one for being lazy!

5 Simple Ways To Eat Less Calories To Get Your Abs To Show

This also includes at the office.

I remember there was a study done on placing a jar of chocolates directly on top of the test subjects desk.

For the other test subjects, they placed the chocolates just 6 feet away from their desk.

The subjects who had the chocolates directly on their desk, ate 6 times more chocolates than the subjects who had the chocolates just 6 feet away.

They also did this study using a clear vs opaque jar.

When the chocolates were inside an opaque jar, 46% less chocolates were eaten.

Again, say it out loud with me right now, “out of sight, out of mind”.

So if you’re craving an ice cream sandwich, don’t buy a box of ice cream sandwiches, and leave the rest in the freezer.

Don’t tempt yourself.

This also applies for your cheat meal.

No saving or bringing home leftovers.

After you finish eating your cheat meal, if there are leftovers, they go in the garbage.

#2: Don’t mix food with entertainment

I am appalled at the serving sizes at the movie theatre.

5 Simple Ways To Eat Less Calories To Get Your Abs To Show

Especially since it’s no secret that people mindlessly eat larger quantities of food, when they’re deeply engaged in a movie, or any other form of entertainment.

The rationale for this is people don’t really take the time to enjoy their food.

They are essentially shoveling food in their mouth while they’re focusing on something else.

When you are more mindful with the food you’re eating, you will slow it down, thus feeling more satiated, and eating less.

#3: Use smaller serving dishes and utensils

I was in the grocery store the other day and was shocked at the size of some of the plates and utensils for sale.

You could literally feed an entire family off of just one of those plates.

5 Simple Ways To Eat Less Calories To Get Your Abs To Show

So what happens when people buy these plates?

Serving sizes tend to get much bigger in an attempt to fill out the plate.

Think about it, when you serve the proper portion size of food on a big plate, your brain will tell you there’s not enough food to eat.

But if you serve the same portion size on a small plate, your brain will tell you it’s a decent amount of food.

To get your abs to show, stick to smaller plates and utensils.

#4: Enjoy and savor every bite of your food

I mentioned it earlier, and I’ll mention it again.

Slow it down.

When you’re more mindful, and focus on savoring every bite of your meals and snacks, it can be one of the simple ways to eat less calories.

Taking the time to savor your bites can give your body the required time to send the signals of being full to your brain, thus shutting off your appetite switch.

This ultimately allows you to eat less calories while still fulfilling your body’s energy requirements.

Remember, your meals are not a race.

Enjoy your food!

#5: Eat with people that consume the same or less food than you do

It’s human nature that you’ll mimic the people you eat with.

So if you regularly dine out with people with large appetites or people who live on junk food, you will probably do the same.

Keep this in mind next time you decide to go out to eat with these people.

I’m not saying you can never eat out with them.

But I am saying you don’t need to eat out with them multiple times a week.

Save that for your weekly cheat meal.

Bottom line:

Simply incorporate these 5 simple ways to eat less calories to get your abs to show into your lifestyle.

There’s nothing crazy or un-doable here.

Implementing these nutrition tips into your lifestyle is not that difficult.

If I could do it, I know you can do it too.

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You’ll get access to a meal plan.

My journey all changed once I started following a program.

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Let me help you transform.

Thanks for watching and keep Living Lean.

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