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25 Minute Follow Along Cardio Workout

Team Live Lean:

I monitored my heart rate during an interval cardio workout to see how much time was spent in the fat burning zone.

On today‚Äôs episode of Live Lean TV, I’m following the Leaner Than Ever workout from February 2020 Team Live Lean training guide and I filmed it in real-time so you can do it with me.

My goal is to compare this to my previous post about strength training to show you my heart rate during HIIT cardio.

From the results in the video you can see that much of this workout was actually spent in the “fat burning zone” just like the strength training was.

The biggest difference is that my highest peaks were even higher than the ones from my strength workout.

Overall, you could say that this workout was equally as effective at burning my fat as the strength workout was.

Note how much of the time I’m resting. I didn’t speed up or edit the video. This was on purpose so you could see and experience just how much of this workout is spent “standing around”.

This type of cardio GIVES me more energy than it takes. I used to feel wiped out after slow steady-state cardio. But with HIIT cardio I actually feel energized afterwards.

When you are doing high intensity cardio, the rest periods are what keep you in the fat burning zone. You are literally burning fat while standing around.

The high intensity parts are exciting and fun, like a challenge, so it feels more like play than work.

What’s great about this type of training is that you’re actually improving your athletic performance as well.

Long story short: To burn fat, it’s better to focus on the types of training that will help you become stronger, more athletic, and overall more fit, rather than just keeping your workout low-intensity just to stay in the fat burning zone.

Our Team Live Lean workouts provide an awesome way for you to always have your “personal trainer in your pocket”

You don’t have to think about which workouts are best for burning fat.

We love to do all the planning and we love sharing our workouts with you.

Come see what the rest of the team is doing this month:

Team Live Lean

This program is there for you ALWAYS.

Team Live Lean takes the guess work out of your fitness life.

Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself with a 6 week goal or even a 6 month goal. But what about after that?

How do you maintain what you accomplished?

The answer for me and for our Team members around the world is through this.

Team Live Lean provides on-going monthly workouts, because the goal is to Live Lean forever, not just for short term.

So many people achieve amazing fitness results and then just let them slip away after a while.

Not having a long-term plan is a sure fire way to let your fitness slip away from you.

Life gets busy. Priorities change.

You can Live Lean forever with the right plans in your hands.

As a member of Team Live Lean you’ll grow with us. You’ll continue to enjoy the same fun and exhilarating workouts we and our members do every day.

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