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15 Min Follow Along Abs and Cardio Home Workout

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Join me for this quick abs and cardio workout.

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m inviting you to join me in my workout.

My baby boy Cody is also following along with us today. 🙂

Here’s the deal. Not every single workout you do needs to be in a perfect setting, with the perfect circumstance.

Many of my “real-life” workouts (that don’t make it on camera) are done in a messy room, at home, with my kids crawling all over me.

This is real life.

This is Living Lean.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about Living Lean, is that things go much smoother with a plan.

I ALWAYS have a better workout when I have a plan to follow instead of just making something up as I go.

This is why our Team Live Lean program was born.

Team Live Lean

This program is there for you ALWAYS.

Whenever I’m not following a transformation plan, or creating a new one, I’m following our Team workouts.

Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself with a 6 week goal or even a 6 month goal. But what about after that?

How do you maintain what you accomplished?

The answer for me and for our Team members around the world is through this.

Team Live Lean provides on-going monthly workouts, because the goal is to Live Lean forever, not just for short term.

So many people achieve amazing fitness results and then just let them slip away after a while.

Not having a long-term plan is a sure fire way to let your fitness slip away from you.

Life gets busy. Priorities change.

Trust me, as a new mom, with my kids being only 1 and 3 right now, I totally understand this more than ever.

I wanted to make todays video as un-produced as possible so that you could get a glimpse of what it’s like to continue showing up for yourself and your fitness goals even on days when you don’t have a babysitter, or just don’t feel like working out.

You can Live Lean forever with the right plans in your hands.

As a member of Team Live Lean you’ll grow with us. You’ll continue to enjoy the same fun and exhilarating workouts we and our members do every day.

Join here:



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