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Workout for Back Fat


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Workout with me!

Here is your 10 Minute Back Fat Melting Workout

We’ll be doing a circuit of 5 exercises, and repeating the circuit twice.

Do 40 seconds of work for each exercise (20 sec per side on the side crunches) and take 20 second rest periods between.

  1. Y’s T’s and W’s
  2. 4 Jumping Jacks, 4 Mtn Climbers Combo
  3. Side Crunch
  4. Updog Pushbacks
  5. Floor Swimmers

Watch the video to follow along with proper form and techniques for each of these exercises.

I don’t recommend you do ONLY this workout in efforts to lose back fat. It will be important for you to train your full body and eat right to get the fat to melt off everywhere.

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