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Start Destroying Stubborn Belly Fat: Hot Body Workout #1

The training solution to Live Lean FASTER!

Today, I have something else that’s really cool for you.

Jessica and I went into the studio and filmed a workout from our Hot Body Workout program.

This is Hot Body Workout #1 found on page 9 of the Ultimate Live Lean Starter Guide.

Hot Body Workout  Live Lean TV

The above workout video includes exercise demonstrations on how you’ll complete all the exercises safely and effectively.

Wait until you see the “20/10” intervals.

While watching the video, you’re going to see specific exercises that are proven to maximize fat burn and build lean muscle, as well as explanations on the intensity, rep/set ranges, and rest periods.

Be sure to watch this video to the end as it is filled with content rich info and tips you can use today to begin getting results faster.

You’re going to LOVE it.

Share videos or photos of your workout on social media and tag us: @LiveLeanTV using hashtag #TLLHotBody.

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Tomorrow, you’ll be hearing from Jess, where she’ll be sharing her personal story on how she first struggled with Living Lean.

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