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Should Guys Train Their Booty?

Glute Workout Video for Men: Is there a difference between “Booty” and “Glutes”?

Should guys be training this muscle group too, or is booty training only for women?

There’s a lot of confusion between “booty” and “glute” training, but they are just different terminology for the same thing. Women typically like to refer to the glute muscles as booty, while men usually prefer to call them glutes. They are actually the same thing!

Glute training is amazing because the movements used to train your glutes are primarily “Compound Movements” and compound movements are functional exercises that help you get strong, lean and toned throughout your body.

Compound movements are those that require movement at more than one joint simultaneously. An example of a compound movement is a Squat. When performing a squat you must hinge at the hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint.

The opposite of a compound movement is an isolation movement. An example of an isolation movement is a bicep curl where the only joint moving is the elbow joint.

You’ll definitely want to include plenty of compound exercises in your training routine, and that’s what makes glute focused training so beneficial for everyone to do.

Here’s what Brad has to say about guys doing glute training:

To all the guys out there, your glutes are one of your most powerful muscle groups in your body. You look at the athletes, like the guys that you’re watching play football, hockey and basketball, they have strong glutes and it makes them jump and run faster. If you want to be athletic, you’ve got to train your glutes and that’s what this program [Build A Butt EXTREME] does.

Let’s put Brad through one of my Build A Butt EXTREME workouts and see if it’s guy-approved.

Here’s the workout:

Start with the Warm Up/Glute Activation

  • Jumping Jacks – up to 60 seconds
  • High Knee Jog in place – up to 60 seconds

Repeat those twice to get your whole body warm and your heart rate pumping. 

  • 1 set Single Leg Toe Touch – 10 per side
  • 1 set Sprinter Lunges – 6 per side
  • 1 set Glute Bridges – 20 reps

Next move into the workout portion.

Today we’re following the workout PUMP IT from Build A Butt EXTREME which includes 2 supersets and 1 finisher exercise.

First superset: (3 sets)

  • A1: Sprinter Lunge with Dumbbell (Brad used a 15lb Db) – 10 reps
  • A2: Barbell Curtsey Lunge (Brad used a 135lb Bb) – 16 reps alt (8 per side)

Second superset: (3 sets)

  • B1: Barbell 3 Part Squat (Brad used 135lb Bb) – 10 reps
  • B2: Barbell Sumo Deadlift (Brad used 185lb Bb) – 15 reps

Glute Finisher (2 sets)

  • C: Glute Bridge with plate on hips (Brad used a 35 and did a drop set to finish without weight) – 40 reps

Finish with the Cool Down/Muscle Massage

(foam rolling and stretching, focused on relieving tight/sore muscles. You can find the specific cool down stretches in the program)

There you have it!

Brad completed this Build A Butt EXTREME workout from start to finish to prove to the world that guys can get just as much benefit from a glute training program as women can.

Here’s what he had to say when I asked him…

Would you recommend this program for guys?


Clever response. LOL. ☺️

The answer is a resounding YES!

Guys should definitely be training their butts too, so don’t be shy to follow Build A Butt EXTREME just because it’s marketed and promoted as a booty program. There’s nothing in it that wouldn’t benefit men as well. Even the nutrition plan includes meals that both Brad and I enjoy together, just increase the portions a bit to fit your calorie and macro requirements.

We’ve shown you just one workout from the incredible glute training program Build A Butt EXTREME, but there are many more inside. With this program you get 9 weeks worth of glute focused workouts to transform the shape of your butt.

Don’t worry, this program does NOT make your butt bigger.

This program tones, lifts, tightens and firms your butt. The size of your butt will not increase. You can still wear your favorite pants, they will just fit better. 😉

To discover more safe, effective, and fun-to-follow glute (or booty) workouts pick up the program and follow the 9 week training schedule and nutrition plan:

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If you’re looking for a beginners glute training program you should check out the original Build A Butt for a home-training guide.

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