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Sexy Back Workout for Booty Builders

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Follow this Sexy Back workout for Booty Builders if you are following my Build a Butt Programs.

What’s a Booty Builder?

Booty Builder = Anyone following my Build A Butt Workout Programs.

This back workout that Steph and I are sharing with you is one of the brand new workouts from my upper body add on program to go with Build a Butt and Build A Butt EXTREME!

Steph is getting ready for her wedding coming up in a few months and while having an awesome booty is great, one of her highest priorities is training her back, arms and shoulders to look amazing in her strapless wedding dress.


I do all my workouts from home, and I find that this program is flexible but not as intense as the booty workouts, so I can definitely do this on days in between. 


Steph is currently following my Build A Butt EXTREME program so I invited her over to test out the brand new upper body add on I created to help you achieve a lean, toned, strong sexy upper body at the same time as developing your glutes.

Watch as I guide Steph through the “Lovely Lats” workout from the GUNZ to go with your BUNZ program add on (will be available here on in a few weeks)

Steph will be doing the Lovely Lats Workout, which is just one of the upper body workouts from this program add-on.

Here’s the workout:

Start with a quick warm up:

Set your timer for 1 minute and alternate between 10 mountain climbers and 3 hand walkouts for the duration of that minute.

Perform 3 rounds of this superset:

Exercise A1: Bent Over Rows | 15 reps (using 10lb dumbbells for step, adjust based on your own strength)
Exercise A2: Flat Bench Db Pull Over | 15 reps (using a single 10lb db for steph, adjust based on your own strength)

Take only minimal rest between those 2 exercises but up to 1 minute between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds and again 1 minute before moving onto the next circuit of exercises.

Perform 3 rounds of this circuit:

Exercise B1: Seated Resistance Band Row | 20 reps (using light resistance band or cable machine to advance)
Exercise B2: Kneeling Resistance Band Pull Down | 20 reps (using light resistance band or cable machine to advance)
Exercise B3: Superman Lift Offs on bench | 15 reps

Finish with Cool Down:

Alternate between 5 breaths each of Thread the Needle and Plow for 1 minute.

I hope you enjoy this workout and will follow the rest of the GUNZ workout program to complete all your upper body muscle groups. It includes workouts for chest, back, triceps, biceps, core and shoulders


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