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Do this Quick Full Body Workout with a Friend [BEST training plan to get LEAN and TONED]


Looking for Quick & Effective Workouts?

Here’s a program designed specifically for quick workouts that WORK! –> FORMULA X

You can follow these workouts alone and/or with a training buddy.

1) Use your mobile device to press play and Follow Along with the Warm up VIDEO in real-time.

I guide you rep by rep through the warm ups, with voice and music included.

Just set your mobile device or computer in front of you, click play and do the warm up with me in real-time. Each warm up takes about 6 minutes.

2) Complete the Strength Training Moves using a Resistance Band in place of Dumbbells.

Most of the strength training moves can be done with or without dumbbells. Follow the workout to the best of your ability using what you’ve got.

If you are not familiar with how to do an exercise, simply click on it to watch the 30 second coaching video to help you nail the best form and technique for each move.

3) Follow the Cardio Quickie VIDEO in real-time along side me.

The cardio components are short duration, high intensity interval style sessions. With only 4 minutes each, I guide you rep by rep so we can do it together.

Click play and give it 110% of your effort.

With voice and music I guide you to maximize the effectiveness of these quickies.

4) Follow the Cool Down VIDEO in real-time along side me.

We’ll do the cool downs together as well with voice and soothing music to help you relax and recover from each workout.

This important piece of your training often gets overlooked, but now that it’s right there on your workout page and you have a video to follow, you’ll never forget it or skip it again.


Follow your FormulaX workouts 4x per week for 6 weeks and enjoy the results to come.

  • Watch the video above to see Kristen and Megan completing “Build Each Other Up” from FormulaX.

They are sharing one pair of 6lbs dumbbells

I know you’re going to love this program!

Complete all 24 workouts over the next 6 weeks to reveal your lean and toned results!

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