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New Cheat Meal Ideas

Bloomin’ Onion and IHOP Pancakes Unveiled!

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing new cheat meal ideas, including a Bloomin’ Onion and IHOP pancakes.

Today’s viewer question is from #AskLiveLeanTV Ep. 016.

Here’s today’s viewer question:

@CiscoBalls on Twitter says: Give us a cheat meal!!

Give us a cheat meal?

You give us a cheat meal bro.

I told you I’m the worst person when it comes to being creative with cheat meals.

Do you want a cheat meal idea or do you literally want us to give you a pizza?

I’ll take it as you want us to give you cheat meal ideas.

Let’s run with that.

Pizza Has Always Been My Go-To Cheat Meal

When it comes to cheat meals, pizza has always been it.

However, when we were watching TV, an Outback Steakhouse commercial came on for a Bloomin’ Onion.

I’ve never had a Bloomin’ Onion before, but when I saw it, my first thought was, oh that looks good.

I know a Bloomin’ Onion is probably one of the worst things you can have, but I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about how good it is.

Based on this, for my next cheat meal I’m going to have a Bloomin’ Onion.

Jessica said I’ll have to go by myself because she is not partaking.

The other cheat meal idea came from a commercial we saw for IHOP where they were pouring syrup on pancakes.

Jessica was surprised that I found syrupy pancakes with whip cream enticing because I’m not really a big pancake person.

How To Make A Healthy Paleo Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes Recipe

I don’t usually like that kind of food, however everybody is talking about it, so I feel left out since I’ve never tried it.

I guess I just need to know why IHOP is so popular.

Based on this, our next two cheat meals will be comprised of a Bloomin’ Onion and IHOP pancakes.

If that’s what you meant by your question, those are your new cheat meal ideas.

However, if it’s not, please be more specific.


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Question For You:

  • What are your favorite cheat meal ideas?
  • Have you ever tried a Bloomin’ Onion or IHOP pancakes?

Be sure to share your answers in the comment section below.

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