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Men’s Health Box: Best of Grooming Unboxing #MHBox @MensHealthbox

Men's Health Box Unboxing

Men’s Health Box and Best of Grooming Unboxing

Double fist pump because I just received the latest Men’s Health Box at my front door.

But wait a minute…

It’s not just one box this time. It’s TWO BOXES!


In addition to the Men’s Health Box, I also received another box containing the Men’s Health Best of Grooming Box.

If you’re not aware, Men’s Health, the world’s largest men’s magazine, offers a carefully chosen, curated subscription box service featuring products that can help improve your fitness, health, and style.

So here’s the deal.

If you’re a dude looking to change your life for the better, whether that’s building more muscle, burning that stubborn body fat, or improving your style to look and feel your best, the Men’s Health Box can help with that.

If you missed it, here’s my post from my last Men’s Health Box delivery.

The Latest Men’s Health Box:

Man, this Men’s Health Box contained so many items for fashion, grooming, nutrition, fitness, and technology (by the way, all things I love).

If I had to pick my favorite, I have to go old school, and say the Pro Hand Exerciser. Great for strengthening the often neglected muscles in your hands and forearms.

Kyla’s favorite were the yellow socks. She said…

Daddy, you’re going to look so fly in these babies.

The Men’s Health Best of Grooming Box:

If the first box wasn’t awesome enough. I was surprised to see another box of goodies containing the best of Grooming Award winners.

My favorite piece out of this box was the American Crew defining paste…

But the Gold Bond is great for those sweaty workouts too!

Check Out All The Product Info:

Mens Health Box

Bottom Line

If you want to be the guy your buddies turn to for the latest trends, let the Men’s Health Box deliver the best to help you be your best.

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