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Inner and Outer Thigh Toning Workout

Follow Along with me for this 12 minute Inner & Outer Thigh Workout

Follow this home workout session with me:

I’ll guide you through a 12 minute Inner and Outer Thigh workout.

Do you love these machines at the gym?

The Abductor Machine:

The Adductor Machine:

These are popular machines at the gym because they target areas that can be hard to get with free weights only.

But good news: There ARE alternatives that work the same muscles and can deliver excellent results.

Even better news: The alternatives are Home-Friendly. No machines are needed.

You can do all of these substitute exercise with zero equipment. Then you can add free weights if you’d like more challenge.

Here are the 3 BEST Subs for the Abductor Machine:

[Outer Thighs]

1. Side to Side Squats

2. Half Side Plank Clam Shells

3. Fire Hydrant Donkey Kicks

Here are the 3 BEST Subs for the Adductor Machine:

[Inner Thighs]

  1. Plié Squats with Side to Side Shift

2. Side Lying Scissor Kicks

3. Side Drop Lunge with Knee Crossover

Follow Along with me in the video to learn how to do each move and what to focus on.

Hope you enjoyed this workout and most importantly learned that you don’t NEED machines to get the results that you want.

A little creativity goes a long way for your workouts.

If you ever need ideas or instruction on how to replace any workout equipment please don’t hesitate to ask.

We have a very supportive community of Live Leaners all over the world that are getting incredible results using what they have.

There are options for everyone no matter what limitations you face.

Circumstances can change, but your commitment to Living Lean is forever.

I follow our Team Live Lean training plans, especially the Home Versions.

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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