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How To Lose Arm Fat [THE TRUTH!]

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How to Lose Arm Fat

I’m going to tell you the TRUTH that may be the opposite of some advice you’ve heard in the past.

Things that DO NOT help you lose arm fat:
❌ Overtrain Arms
❌ Torture Yourself
❌ Be Impatient
❌ Eat Less

Things that ACTUALLY help you lose arm fat and tone and define your arms:
✅ Full Body Exercises
✅ Follow a Program
✅ Be Consistent
✅ Eat Well

It’s time to STOP wasting your time and torturing yourself with frustratingly useless workouts and awful diets.

Say bye bye batwings to those flabby underarms.

Stick around for the end of the video to see the specific workout for you to follow.

Arm Toning mistake #1: To overtrain your arms, hit them every single day with various arm exercises and do as many reps as possible with very little breaks

Geez, I’m in here everyday and I still see no results. How many reps do I have to do?!

Over working your arms is actually more HARMFUL than beneficial.

By overtraining you cause the potential to risk overuse injuries like carpal tunnel, tendonitis, excessive soreness and more.

Instead of working your arms everyday, you should focus mainly on full body exercises that work your major muscle groups and do arm exercises only 2-3 times per week.

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