How to Get Toned Without Bulking Up


Do Heavy Weights make you bulky?

If you are afraid to lift heavy weights for fear of bulking up like the Michelin man, I have some news to share with you.

Heavy Weights DON’T = BULKY

Here’s how to get Lean by lifting heavy weights WITHOUT getting bulky:

This is something about fitness that you need to know

Why do some women experience Bulk when getting stronger?

Workouts are NOT responsible for mass gain.

The way to add or remove weight/size from your body is to change your nutrition intake amounts.

A dietary surplus (eating more than your energy needs) or deficit (eating less than your energy needs) will determine your results much more so than the way you workout.

You have seen me follow muscle building programs over the years.

You’ve seen me lift heavy.

You’ve seen me do all the types of exercises that women are afraid of.

Why have I not bulked up?

Well I have bulked up in the past… Check out this video from 2013…

When I first moved in with Brad in Canada, I was training really had and heavy, just like him, but I was also eating as much as him and following his macro split and portion sizes.

Brad weighs about 40lbs more than me. It makes no sense for me to eat the same portion sizes that he eats.

This was a lesson I learned when I started seeing results I didn’t want.

I adjusted my nutrition, and continued to train.

The results:

I got leaner and more toned instead of bulky.

I want you to know that “BULK” can come on with or without training. It is not the training that causes the bulk.

It’s not weight training that causes bulk.
I wasn’t training at all in this first image, yet I felt bulkier than in this second when I’m weight training as heavy as I can 5x per week.

I also want you to know that a restrictive diet is not necessary to reduce the bulk.

My diet is NOT restrictive.

I enjoy treats, alcohol and sweets in moderation.

It’s simply a matter of eating the right types of food, in the right portions for my energy needs MOST OF THE TIME.

Not too much, but also not too little. Not restrictive but also not sporadic.

To get lean and toned without bulk you’ll need to find that sweet spot with your nutrition.

Eat the foods that you enjoy and that help you feel your strongest and healthiest, without overeating.

I understand that when you start a new training program you might feel intense hunger. It’s okay. You can find other ways to curb intense hunger, like drinking lots of water and including lots of fibrous vegetables at each meal.

It’s also okay if you go through a short-term bulky phase on your way to dialing it in.

The best way to learn anything is by making mistakes.

Mistakes are not permanent. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failures are what happen before successes.

Never forget this fitness truth: You can lift as heavy as you want and you will not get bulky so long as your nutrition matches with your goals.

Keep training hard and getting stronger. and as always, KEEP, Livin Lean 😄


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