Hilarious Booty Band Mistakes


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If you use booty bands, then I’m sure you’ve had these things happen to you before.

Using booty bands can be tricky.

If you have ever used a booty band, no doubt you’ve experiences some of these accidents

They sometimes roll up, snap your skin, or break! ouuuuch!

Check out the video to see some hilarious booty band mistakes.

I hope you are avoiding these mistakes, but don’t worry if you’ve had any of these experiences I just hope you’ll keep on training with them and follow a program that shows you how to use them the right way.

Check out my booty program: Build A Butt EXTREME

This 9 week butt transformation program uses mostly gym equipment, but it will also show you how to use booty bands in the best way possible.

Love ya!

xox  -Jess


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