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FOLLOW ALONG Full Body Workout

Zero Equipment

Want to workout with me?

On today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m sharing a quick 12 minute workout that you can do at home, or at the gym, or in a hotel room, or outdoors, or wherever the heck you are. No equipment necessary, just your body and your focus.

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Today’s Workout:

This workout is designed to hit all your major muscle groups and include some fat burning cardio to give you a toned and lean body.

You’re going to do a quick Warm Up combo, followed by 4 different strength exercises for 60 seconds each, followed by a Cardio Tabata finisher, and a quick Cool Down stretch.

Warm Up: Jumping Jacks / Plank Hip Dips

4 reps of each, repeat for 60 seconds

A1) Push Up Shoulder Taps, 60 sec

Modify if needed, 3 different modification options shown in the video

A2) Squat and Reach, 60 sec

Lift all the way up to your tip toes and reach as high as you can. Flex your entire body with each rep. Be sure to keep your torso upright and avoid rounding your back or leaning forward.

A3) Single Leg Toe Touch with Front Kick, 60 sec

Concentrate on balance and move as slow as needed to get quality reps.

A4) Lying Knee Circles, 60 sec

Circle 5 times in one direction, then switch, and repeat switching sides for every 5 reps during the 60 second work period. Focus on your ab muscles and remember to breathe.

B1) High Knee Run in Place, 20 sec, 4 sets

Hold your hands at your belly button height and lift your knees up to tap your fingers. Stay on your toes and keep your core tight.

B2) Pop Squats , 20 sec, 4 sets

Reach to tap the floor as you squat then pop up and back down into squat again.

Cool Down) Downdog with Hip circles

Lift one leg up to stretch the hip and circle the knee to create more hip mobility and greater stretch in the opposite leg and your shoulders.

Pro Tip: Always focus on Quality more so than Quantity.

Don’t worry about how long a workout takes you, instead focus on how well you can perform that workout.

Improving our performance is what in turn improves our results.

Thanks for training with me today.

Hope to see you inside the program:


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