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Flat Lower Abs 10 Minute Tightening Workout

Follow Along with me for 10 minutes of Ab Tightening

Just 10 minutes of your time, and some mindfulness & concentration.

Follow this workout with me:

I’ll guide you through a quick lower abs flattening routine to see big results in little time.

One tip on mindfulness:

As we work through these exercises, take notice if your lower abs are engaging or not. Tucking your pelvis under is the best way to begin that lower ab engagement. There’s a big difference when doing these exercises with lower abs engaged versus not. Be sure to engage before and continuously during the movement.

Top image = abs engaged Mind focused on contractions <br >Bottom image = abs popping not engaged Going through motions without mindfulness

Mindfulness, form and lower ab engagement are the most important things for this workout to be effective.

Don’t rush the reps, emphasize your FOCUS.

We’ll be following 5 exercises, repeating them twice.

The first round is the beginner level, or warm up round. We’ll do the modified versions of each exercise together to warm up our lower abs.

The second round will be the Advanced level. If at any point you feel the moves are too advance, regress them back the the version we did in the first round.

It’s key to work at a level that feels right for your current ab strength. If a move is too advanced it can do more harm than good. If you feel pain, stop, adjust, and work at a level that challenges you without pain.

If you want to make this workout even more advanced you can go ahead and repeat the second round again (as a third round) and make it a 15 minute workout.

Here are the exercises:

Images are from the first (beginner level) round. To see the advanced variations watch the video starting at 6:30

1: Knee Circles / Leg Circles

2: Bridge Pelvic Tilts / Reverse Plank Pelvic Tilts

3: Bent Knee Single Leg Heel Drops / Straight Leg Heel Drops

4: Single Leg Scoops / Double Leg Scoops

5: Modified Plank Knee Walk-Ins / Plank Feet Walk Ins

For best results, include this lower ab workout into your full body training plans. Meaning: Don’t train abs only!

It’s crucial to train all of your muscles to shed stubborn fat and reveal flat toned lower abs.

I follow our Team Live Lean training plans and I especially love the Home Versions.

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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