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Beginners Workout – Great for Pre & Postnatal

This workout is great for anyone of all ages and quiet enough to do at home

Here are some of the best gentle exercise you can do to get started with fitness or stay fit throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Beginners Workout, Great for Pre & Postnatal

This workout can help get you started with fitness or help you continue fitness throughout or after a pregnancy. The 5 moves we are demonstrating are quiet, safe and effective. You can even do this during baby’s nap time.

This is also great for mommies who are currently pregnant (as I am 4 months along). I recommend these moves for people with injuries (depending on the injury) as well as for mature clients.

Today I’m with my mother Desiree Rumbaugh, an internationally known yoga instructor, and we’re sharing some moves that we enjoy in hopes you will enjoy them too.

We did:

  • Standing 1 Leg Balance Reaches
  • Overhead Squat with a belt in hands and blanket under the heels
  • Bird Dog in all fours position
  • Side Glute Kicks on all fours
  • Glute Bridges with variations

I challenge you to do as many reps as you can of each and do at least 3 rounds of the circuit.

All of these moves are nice and quiet for when baby or others are sleeping, plus you don’t need much space or equipment so you can do this anywhere at any time.

Depending on your fitness level try 4-15 reps of each exercise for 1-3 rounds. You can do this workout up to 5 times per week if you love it, but make sure to include variety in your routine. We also swear by daily walks and gentle hikes to stay fit through pregnancy and beyond. Enjoy the outdoors.

Hope you enjoy this workout and see you next Thursday!

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