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Beginner Cardio, No Jumping! 10 Minute Workout

Finding Your Cardio Workout Too Difficult?

One of the best components of my Women’s transformation program Live Lean Formula for Women is the QUICK and super-effective 10 minute bodyweight cardio.

This is cardio like you’ve never done before.

The idea is to give-it-all-you-got keeping it short and fun instead of long and dreadful.

In the Formula for Women Cardio Guide I show you the 4 bodyweight cardio moves I recommend. There are Low Intensity and High Intensity versions of each, as I recommend you alternate between the two intensities.

For beginners: I recommend 40 seconds of the Low Intensity version of the move, followed immediately by 20 seconds of the High Intensity version.

Some users may find these moves to be too challenging or too high-impact for them, so today I want to show you how to modify each of these movements to bring them down a notch and make them doable for a person at a true-beginners level, or appropriate for someone working though an injury.

Eva (@EvaDivaFit) is going to be our model for today since I do not recommend this kind of cardio for someone who is pregnant as I am right now. 🙂

Here’s what the Cardio Guide looks like:

(watch video above to see the modification differences in action)


1) The first Low Intensity move is called Jog in Place (as see on the left). To modify this move, do Walk in Place (as seen on the right)

The High Intensity version is High Knees Run in Place. To modify do Stepping High Knee Taps instead.

2) For the next Low Intensity move, we have Modified Burpee To modify further, do Bench Modified Burpee (placing your hands on a bench instead of on the floor).

The High Intensity version is Burpee Tuck Jump, To modify, do Bench Modified Burpee Knee Taps.

3) The third Low Intensity move is called Toe Taps on Bench, To modify, do Stepping Toe Taps on Bench

The High Intensity version is Step Hops on Bench.  To modify, do Steps on Bench

4) Your fourth Low Intensity move is Seal Jacks. To modify, do Stepping Seal Jacks

The High Intensity version is Floor Jacks. To modify, do Bench Floor Jacks

NOTE: please watch the video above to see all these moves and their modifications in action as it will give you a better sense of the flow and pace of the movements.

At the end of the video Eva goes through the entire workout using the modifications for each move to give you an idea of what your workout would look like if you were to modify everything.

Even with these modifications, this workout is still going to feel like a challenge, get your heart rate up and have you burning fat way more than a boring 10 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill.

Give these modifications a try, and remember that working out is all about starting where you are and improving in little bits over time. Progress over perfection, always!

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