Bad Knees? Follow This 👉🏼


17 Minute Follow Along Low Impact Cardio

This workout will give you cardio without any knee pain.

No Squatting

No Lunging

No Jumping

Low Impact

Yes, you can do bodyweight cardio WITHOUT jumping.

Here’s How This Workout Goes

We’re going to do 4 different low impact exercises:

  1. Stepping Jacks
  2. Pop Steps
  3. High Knees
  4. Side Steps

Repeat those 4 exercises for 10 rounds, with a descending rep scheme.

Round 1 = 20 reps of each exercise.

Round 2 = 18 reps of each exercise.

Etc.. continue descending each round by 2 reps.

Follow along with me in the video as we do the whole thing together.

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