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Armpit Fat Workout [Full Workout, Follow Along with 5lb Db’s]

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Lose the Armpit fat with this quick and effective workout.

Although spot reduction is “not a thing” lol, client’s who follow targeted toning workouts are still going to get better results than those who take no action and don’t do anything to improve their trouble zones.

I do recommend you follow a comprehensive full-body training program like our ones in, complete with nutrition attention to get lean and toned all over, but this workout can be a great start to help encourage you to get active and begin shaping your body.

Follow along with me by clicking play on the video.

All you need to set up is one pair of light dumbbells (I’m using a pair of 5lb Dumbbells), and a mat for the floor.

I’m going to lead you through this workout rep by rep and we’ll be working on the clock.

Follow my lead as we do the following 11 unique and effective exercises.

Here’s your 10 minute Armpit Fat Workout:

This workout will take you less than 10 minutes to complete if you follow along with me.

Do each exercise for 4o seconds with 10 second rests between exercises.

If you cannot do the full 40 seconds then use lighter dumbbells (3lbs or 2lbs)or just go as long as you can.

Take longer rest periods if needed by simply pausing the video during rest periods.

If you would like a longer or more intense workout you may repeat the video 2 or 3 times and/or increase the weight used.

  1. Db Front Raise + Touch
  2. Db Lateral Flyes
  3. Db Wide Grip Chest Press
  4. Db Flyes
  5. Db Side Lying Single Arm Press (20 SEC PER SIDE)
  6. Db “W” Lateral Press
  7. Modified Wide Grip Push Up (option to do full push up)
  8. Modified Cross Over Push Up (option to do full push up)
  9. RIGHT SIDE Modified Side Plank Db “T” Raises (option to do full side plank)
  10. LEFT SIDE Modified Side Plank Db “T” Raises (option to do full side plank)
  11. Wall Slides

Hope you enjoyed this requested-topic video. Let me know if you have any special requests for me to do in the future.

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xo  -Jess


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