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6 Yoga Poses for When You’re Bloated

What should you do when you feel bloated? Just wait it out? Nah! Take action. Do these poses.

These 6 poses can provide you a lot of relief.

6 Yoga Poses for When You’re Bloated

Have you felt some bloating after eating healthy foods? Some fruits and vegetables can cause gas formation in the belly as a byproduct of digestion.

Should you stop eating fruits and veggies?? No Way! Fruits and Vegetables are the cornerstone of living a healthy and lean lifestyle.

Keep eating healthy but use this simple quick yoga practice to help flatten your belly and relieve bloat whenever you need it.

Pillow Forward Fold

Child’s Pose

Wide Leg Triangle Forward Fold (or Headstand as the advanced variation)

Iron Cross Twist

Plow Pose

Puppy Pose

This practice is great for relaxation as well as eliminating bloat. It’s important to build this type of work into your training as well as high intensity muscle building and fat loss workouts so you can achieve overall health and well being and FEEL as good as you look!

Living lean isn’t just about appearances, it’s about feeling our best so we can continue exercising and eating well for a lifetime!

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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