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6 Minute Inner Thigh Home Workout [TONE YOUR INNER THIGHS]

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6 Minute Inner Thigh Home Workout

Your inner thighs are one of the trickiest areas of the legs to tone up.

The best exercises for this area are adduction exercises (meaning you contract your muscles toward the midline).

In today’s video I’m going to lead you though a 6 minute workout so you can sample and follow all 6 of my favorite inner thigh exercises.

At the end of the video I’ll show you and explain how I add weight to these moves to progress them over time and use them as part of my total body workouts.

Here’s the workout, but make sure to watch the video so you can follow along with me.

  1. Plié Squats | 40 seconds
  2. Slide In’s | 20 seconds weak side, 20 seconds strong side
  3. Inner Thigh Raises | 20 seconds weak side, 20 seconds strong side
  4.  Chair Lift Off’s | 20 seconds weak side, 20 seconds strong side
  5. Side to Side Sumo Lunges | 40 seconds alt sides
  6. Lying Windshield Wipers | 40 seconds

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xo  -Jess


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