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4 Rules For Meal Planning

Plan your meals right & your body will Transform

4 things you need to know

4 Rules For Meal Planning

Planning out your eating is a HUGE help when it comes to reaching your fitness & physique goals.

Sure you can do intuitive eating and just eat whatever and whenever you feel like it but as most of you know from experience, the results may be disappointing.

If you goal is to see amazing transformation then meal planning is your fastest & surest way to get there.

Today I have a few tips for you about how you can make your meal planning a success instead of a frustrating mess!

Tip 1: Plan Your Meals Before they Happen, Not After
We get asked all the time about food tracking softwares like MyFitnessPal for example, and yeah, these tools can be helpful for learning about food values, but the feedback I hear most times from clients is that tracking food every day, every meal, every bite is tiresome, annoying and not that helpful. Imagine if you were to get in your car and just drive, with a destination in mind but no map to get there.. you’re trying to figure out the best streets to take as you go, you’re likely to get lost a couple of times. VERSUS, using GPS along the way.. you know you’re on the fastest route and all you have to do is follow the line! That’s what following a meal plan is like. You know what and how much food you need to take in each day & when, and you just stay on the path to success. It’s a lot quicker than piecing your calories and macros together as you go based on whatever you FEEL like eating that day.

Tip 2: Plan based on goals not current situation
If you are NOT currently at your ideal weight and body composition then make sure you don’t set your meal plan up for that weight and body composition! You do need to figure out your basal metabolic rate from where you currently stand, but it’s really important that you do the multiplication for activity factor, and the addition or subtraction depending if you need a surplus or deficit to reach your goal. If you do not factor in your goals, you will stay exactly the same. – which is great if you’re in maintenance mode! but not for transformation.

Tip 3: Ease into bigger goals
If you have more than 10lbs to lose I suggest you chunk your goals down into reasonable sizes. An average speed estimate for fat loss is approx 1-2lbs per week at most.. and that’s assuming you’re following your meal plan & workout plans closely EVERY week. Given how unpredictable life can be I say this is an ambitious & optimistic estimate. For now, just focus on 1 day at a time. don’t obsess about the scale, focus on the lifestyle you’re creating. Celebrate when you’re successful, but keep your eye on the bigger goals ahead, and keep adjusting your meal plan as you go, because as your body transforms your BMR will be changing as well.

Tip 4: Allow Variety
Don’t get caught eating the same boring meals. Add flavor, use different protein sources, diff vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc.. If you’ve planned to eat a certain amount of chicken, with certain amount of broccoli etc.. that’s great but don’t feel like you are stuck with ONLY those food sources. Switch it up by using different protein sources, different veggies, different fats, etc.. It will only be so long before you throw in the towel if you have no variety in your diet. Living lean is forever and variety is one of the ways we help ourselves stick with it.

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