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Are you making these meal planning mistakes?

If you fail at consistently sticking to a nutrition plan, you might be making these mistakes.

3 Worst Meal Planning Mistakes

Tired of failing at consistently sticking to a meal plan?

These are the 3 mistakes I see people making most often. Could you be making these mistakes?

1) No Long Term Plan
You keep looking for the latest fad diet rather than thinking about how you can sustainably eat for the rest of your life. What good is it to “go paleo” or keto or do a 30 day cleanse if only for a week? If you want sustainable results you’ll need to train yourself to eat in a sustainable way. Easier said than done, I know, but that’s exactly why we create weekly meal plans to guide you. Download your meal plan of the week at

2) You Don’t add Flavor or Spice to your meals
Thinking you need to eat only bland/boring foods to get in shape is one of the biggest reasons people tire of eating healthy meals and default back to too many cheat meals. If your normal daily diet tastes “damn that’s good” delicious you’ll be less likely to crave and cave into fast food or processed foods.
In Team Live Lean we guide you on healthy cooking with over 200 healthy meal, snack, beverage and dessert recipes. Never eat a boring meal again.

3) You’re too strict and hard on yourself.
If you’ve been categorizing certain foods as “bad foods” and others as “good” or polarizing healthy and unhealthy as black and white this could be one of the reasons you’re struggling to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Living Lean is all about balance. You don’t have to swear off all “bad foods” in order to get fit. You simply need to learn to enjoy them in moderation and fill your diet MOSTLY with healthy goal-supporting foods.

We hope you will join our Team and discover how tasty simple and delicious it can be to consistently stick to a nutritious meal plan.

Thanks for reading, and KEEP living lean!

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