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3 Ways to Use the Stairs to Lose Fat


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I love to use the stairs for fat loss workouts. Here’s what I do.

There are 3 main workout types I like to do on the stairs

3 Ways to Use the Stairs to Lose Fat

If you’ve been following me for a while you probably already know I do stairs workouts at least once a week.

These are my favorite 3 stairs workouts to lose fat.

1) Number of Laps
I usually pick a number, either 8 or 10 depending on how ambitious I’m feeling, the height of the staircase I’m using, or if I’m sore from a previous workout.
I’ll sprint up as fast as I can, taking every other step up to the top, then pause to rest at the top and slowly come down during the recovery time.

2) Timed Intervals
I use a timer like this one:
I set a specific amount of time, usually 10 to 15 minutes and continuously go up and down the stairs fast during the “work” interval and stop or go slow during the “rest” interval.

3) In Combination with other exercises as part of a HIIT circuit
If I want to get a full body workout in I’ll combine the stairs with other moves like pushups, squats, dips, jumps or lunges.
Do one set of an exercise, like pushups, immediately followed by a sprint up the stairs. Come back down the stairs (as your recovery) then do a set of another exercise, like squats, then sprint up the stairs again. Continue to follow this pattern of one stairs lap between each set of another exercise and do as many as you can in 10 or 15 minutes.

The key takeaway here is that for fat loss it’s better to do shorter, more intense cardio sessions rather than long drawn out endurance-type training.

Keep your workouts short so that you can raise the intensity.

If you are a beginner than use a slower pace, more caution, and allow more rest periods. Over time and with more practice you will be able to sprint up faster, do more laps in less time and have better control over the intensity.

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Thanks for reading, and KEEP living lean!

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