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3 Easy Fixes for Bad Posture

3 Easy Fixes for Bad Posture

Did you know that bad posture can make you look and feel less confident and fit?

A big part of your appearance is your posture. When out of line you can look, less attractive, less confident and less over-all fit.

The three most common signs are:
Forward head — Slouched/Forward Rounded Shoulders — Tilted Pelvis (Anterior or Posterior)

On today’s episode we go over 3 exercises you can do from home or at the gym that will help fix all three of these issues

To fix Forward Head: You’ll need a gym towel and a sturdy wall.
Place the towel right behind your head, stand all the way close to the wall. Press the towel into the wall with your head, keep your shoulders back and your abs tight.
Make sure to keep your chin up and look towards the ceiling. Do at least 4 rounds of 30 seconds each.

To fix Forward Rounded Shoulders: Use a strap or belt, make sure it has no elastic stretch to it. Grab the strap with both hands making a v-shape, lift the strap up and over your head, circling all the way to the back, the strap will hit your butt. If this is easy then move your hands closer together. Make sure your elbows are straight throughout the movement and go slowly enough to feel the stretch. Do not slouch when you reach the front or the back.

To fix Pelvic tilt: Modified Cat/Cow exercise focusing only on the pelvis. Get down on the floor in an all-fours position. Tilt your pelvis forward and back, strengthening all muscles that support the pelvis. Go slowly holding each contraction around 2 seconds each. To do the advanced version, continue the pelvic tilts from a plant position instead of on all fours. Do about 10 reps, take a break and go back at it until you feel fatigue.

Add these 3 exercises right to the beginning or end of your workout program and notice results in a few weeks!

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