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3 Best Leg Press Substitutes

No Leg Press Machine? No Problem.

These 3 Exercises will deliver the same benefits and even more.

Try my top 3 Leg Press Substitutes

If you were used to training at a gym but have been training exclusively from home now you may have felt a little frustration. With a lack of tools and equipment, sometimes it’s tough to follow gym workouts.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this.

Many people have been feeling the same this year especially.

Regardless of what reasons you have to workout from home instead of the gym, there’s always been a need for gym machine substitutes.

We have been creating Home Versions of our Gym Training Plans for years now.

It’s not new for this year, but now more helpful than ever.

Leg Press is a great exercise and it’s unique in a few ways:

  • Your back is held stable
  • Your legs are worked in isolation

These benefits are hard to replicate without the machine, but not impossible.

I’m going to show you my top 3 no machine exercises that are most similar to the Leg Press and exactly how to do them.

Number 1: The Resistance Band Frog Press

Lay on your back and loop a resistance band around your feet.

Hold it tight close to your body then press your legs up and out at a 45 degree angle.

Number 2: The Swiss Ball Against the Wall Squat

(with or without a weight)

Lean against a wall with a Swiss ball behind your lower back. (or top of your hips).

Make sure it’s placed low because it will roll up when you squat down.

Press back into the ball and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

You should be leaning back so your body is at an angle.

Hinge at the hips primarily but also allow the knees to bend as you squat down reaching your butt back toward the wall.

The goal should be to get your hips down below knee height without the knees traveling over the toes.

Press your heels into the ground as you rise up to flex your legs and straighten your hips fully at the top.

Once you feel comfortable and confident with your form you can start adding some resistance.

Hold one weight in a goblet style close to your chest.

Number 3: The Wall Facing Squat

No equipment needed for this one.

Walk up to the wall and put your toes up against the base board to measure your distance from the wall.

Place your other foot behind your heel to mark the distance of how far you will stand from the wall.

Place your feet about shoulder width distance apart with toes slightly turned out.

Use your finger tips on the wall to guide your way down as you squat while keeping your torso mostly upright.

Sit back as much as possible.

The goal is to squat all the way down and stand up again without face planting into the wall.

Harder than it looks. 😉

You could add weight to this one as well, in that same goblet type hold.

It will likely be enough of a challenge just as it is.

Try for 10 consecutive reps and let us know if you can do it.

Exercises like these can be found in our Team Live Lean Programs, in the Home Version:

Having access to No-Equipment alternatives is invaluable, because inevitably in life there will be times when you’ll need them.

Even though we call these the “Home Versions” they really could be called the “Anywhere Version”.

You can be on vacation, on a work trip, literally anywhere and put these to use.

I follow our Team Live Lean training plans and I especially love the Home Versions.

Follow the same workouts I’m following:




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