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26 Best Bodyweight Back Exercises

If you train at home or with minimal equipment you’ve likely run into the problem of not knowing which exercises to do to train your back muscles.

It feels more obvious which exercises target legs, chest, arms, and abs… but what about Back?!

Rows, pulls and lifts are most commonly used for back training, but what if you have no equipment to work with?

How can you tone and strengthen your back muscles without equipment?

Use these amazing 26 bodyweight exercises!

Here is the list of exercises:

The 3 bolded ones will need a beach or bath towel.

Advanced only exercises are the last 6 in red.

  1. Bird Dog
  2. Superman Back Extensions
  3. Swimmers
  4. Belly Down Snow Angel
  5. T-Raises
  6. T-Pulls
  7. Side to Side Back Crunches
  8. Heel Reaches
  9. Head Shavers
  10. Dolphin Kicks
  11. Renegade Rows
  12. Plank T-Rotations
  13. Bent Over Back Extensions
  14. Bent Over Diver Reach
  15. Bent Over Hitchhikers
  16. Reverse Plank Reach Ups
  17. Elbow Pushups
  18. Towel Elbow Slides
  19. Towel Slide Pull Downs
  20. Towel Slide Kneeling Lat Pulls
  21. Kneeling Back Crunches
  22. Boat Lifts
  23. Backbend Pushup
  24. Backbend Hand Walkout
  25. Headstand Leg Lifts
  26. Headstand Heel Drops

As always, for best results you should follow a well structured program.

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Keep training hard and getting stronger. and as always, KEEP, Livin Lean 😄


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