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2 Weeks Postpartum Workout

A gentle workout you can do with baby

Home workout ideas for recovering moms

2 Weeks Postpartum Workout

I just had a baby two weeks ago! A big disclaimer: This workout may not be suitable for every mom 2 weeks post delivery. If you feel you need more recovery time then wait longer and do this workout when you are 6 or 8 weeks postpartum. Each woman’s fitness level and delivery situation is different. I would not recommend this if you had a c-section or diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation).

If you have stayed fit during pregnancy by following my Live Lean Pregnancy program and if you feel great and ready to be active at 2 weeks post then try some of these moves.

This workout is gentle enough for a recovering mama and newborn and can be modified to be even more gentle by using half ranges of motion and/or fewer reps.

Goblet Squat (with baby) x 10 reps

(click to see video demonstration of the Goblet Squat)

mommy goblet squat

The first exercise is a goblet squat. Make sure to support your baby’s head with your hands and hold him or her close to your body. With your feet in a wide stance lower down into a squat position keeping your heels firmly planted on the floor. Slowly rise up to the top again and flex your legs and butt. Repeat this move for about 10 reps.

Alternating Backward Lunge (with baby) x 10 reps (5 per side)

(click to see video demonstration of the Alternating Backward Lunge)

mommy back lunge

Next we’ll do a reverse lunge. Again support the baby’s head with your hands and step back and down, lowering your back knee to the ground. You do not have to go all the way down to the floor, even a halfway bend will work your muscles and get your heart rate up. Alternate sides but make sure to move slowly with control. Repeat this for at least 10 steps total.

Rolling Sit Up (with baby) x 5-6 reps

(click to see video demonstration of the Rolling Sit Up)

mommy roll sit up

Move #3 is a rolling sit up. Warning: Skip this one if you have diastasis recti (an abdominal separation) or if you’ve had a c-section. Start by sitting on the ground with your feet out in front of you, heels on the floor. Place your baby on your lap, making sure head is supported and legs are bent. Lay all the way down and then with your arms extended towards your heels roll up to a full sit up position. Slowly roll back down and repeat for about 5-6 reps or as many as you feel comfortable with.

Low Plank Knee Taps (with baby) x 10 reps (5 per side)

(click to see video demonstration of the Low Plank Knee Taps)

mommy knee tap

Move #4 is a Plank with knee taps. Gently lay baby down on your exercise mat and come into a low plank position on your elbows. Tap one knee to the ground and then return to plank. Alternate sides. Complete about 10 reps or as many as you feel comfortable with.

Kneeling Squats (with baby) x 10 reps

(click to see video demonstration of the Kneeling Squats)

mommy kneeling

Move #5 is Kneeling Squats. Start in a kneeling position, holding baby tight to your chest, then lower your butt down to the ground in between your heels. Rise up again and flex your butt and leg muscles. Repeat for about 10 reps.

To make a complete workout out of these moves follow the rep counts and repeat for one more round. These are all low or non-impact exercises that are safe for recovering moms. I do NOT recommend jumping, bouncing, high intensity intervals, or lifting weights (other than your baby) during this time.

Most importantly listen to your body and rest when you need to rest.

Thanks for reading and, KEEP Living Lean!

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