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2 Unusual Tricks to STOP Night Snacking

Night Snacking can ruin your fat loss efforts

Don’t sabotage your hard work by over-eating after dinner.

Unusual Tricks to STOP Night Snacking

Is night-time snacking a habit that’s holding you back from getting lean and losing those last few pounds of fat?

I’m sharing 2 of my favorite unusual habits that can STOP you from snacking at night, or any time of day.

If you’re like many of our followers, you struggle with the temptation and habit of eating something extra after dinner.

Whether it’s sweet snacks or savory ones, most likely it’s very high in carbs and fats and low in protein, and it’s unnecessary calories that are stopping you from getting and staying as lean as you want to be.

Night time is the worst for snacking because our metabolisms slow down and prepare for rest, leaving unused calories to store as fat.

The best thing you can do is to not snack at all, but it’s easier said than done.

I have 2 solutions for you that are even better than having healthier snacks at night, they help you avoid having any snacks at night

The first trick is brushing your teeth immediately after meals. THis is not just for night time it can also work during the day after lunch. If you use a travel toothbrush case you can bring it on the go, and brush your teeth after any meal or snack.

This works so well! I know for me, I like to keep that minty fresh feeling as long as possible, plus anything you do eat right after brushing doesn’t taste as good so you’ll likely eat less.

Trick #2 is to swap tv or movie watching for reading a paper book. It’s difficult to snack while reading because your hands will be busy turning the pages. When your mind is engaged you’re learning things and you’re focused on the content instead of mindlessly eating snacks.

Books like the new “Think and Live Lean” (available April 12th) are also beneficial because it will help you stay laser focused on your goals and what you REALLY want in the long term.

Sometimes it may seem like you want a snack really bad but what you really truly want is a lean sexy body and to get rid of those last few pounds, so keep your mind on the real goals and you’ll have an easier time avoiding unnecessary snacks.

Share this blog with anyone else you know that struggles with night time snacking and hopefully these 2 tricks will become more usual. 🙂

Thanks for watching! and KEEP Living Lean

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