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15 Amazing Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone and Define


How To Target Tone Your Inner Thighs:

In today’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m gonna show you all my favorite inner thigh exercises to Strengthen, Tone and Define your Inner Thighs.

I must be clear with you.

This is NOT a fat loss video.

These inner thigh exercises are for you to tone and strengthen your inner thighs NOT to lose fat in that area.


Don’t be confused that this video is about a spot reduction because it’s not.

These Exercises Are For Targeted Strengthening And Toning

If your goal is to burn inner thigh fat, reduce the size of your thighs, or slim your thighs, you must watch our Fat Burning for Beginners video:


Pairing these Inner Thigh toning exercises with a Fat Loss plan will help you simultaneously tone your thighs while melting off the stubborn fat.

You’ve got to lose fat from your entire body not just from one area only.

Spot fat-loss is not possible, bu you can tone up and strengthen your inner thighs using exercises I’m about to show you.

All of these exercises can be done at home in your living room.

The Equipment You’re Going To Need Is:

  • A sturdy chair
  • A loop resistance band (I’m using the lightest one from my FREETOO set)
  • A Swiss ball (any size is fine, I’m using a 55mm)
  • One dumbbell (I’m using a 20lb Dumbbell)
  • 2 Paper plates if working on carpeted surfaces. (Sub 2 towels if on wood, tile, or any kind of smooth floor)
 Live Lean TV

That’s it.

So Let’s Get Started!

1. Sliding Front Splits

 Live Lean TV
  • Using a chair put the paper plates on the ground and put your toes on them.
  • Keep your legs straight and flexed.
  • Slide out to do the front splits, then slide together contracting all the muscles of your inner thighs.
  • Exhale each time you bring your legs all the way together.

2. Weight Slide Side-to-Side Squats

 Live Lean TV
  • Set the two paper plates down on the ground and put your dumbbell on top.
  • Stand over the weight with a wide stance.
  • Squat down and then drag to slide the weight across to the other side.
  • Continue alternating sides.

3. Heel Slide Out Lunges

 Live Lean TV
  • Put your heel on that plate.
  • Make sure that your foot is flexed and slide that heel out keeping that sliding leg super straight, bending the standing leg to 90 degrees.
  • Slide back in until your feet come together in the middle.
  • Do the same thing on the other side.

4. Walking Side Lunge Slide Ins

 Live Lean TV
  • Put one foot on the paper plate and do a walking side lunge.
  • Slide your straight leg all the way into the midline.
  • Continue in one direction and then switch and go the other way.

5. Inner Thigh Scissor Lifts

 Live Lean TV
  • Use a chair or a workout bench to put your top leg on top of the chair or bench and your bottom leg underneath it.
  • Get into a side plank top with bottom leg down to the floor and then lift and squeeze your feet together.
  • Pushing down with your top leg at the same time as lifting up with your bottom leg.

6. Inner Thigh Hip Dips

 Live Lean TV
  • Relax your bottom leg focus on the top leg only.
  • Lower your hips and press down into that chair to lift back up to that straight plank.
  • Feel the stretch in the inner thigh and press down and flex your inner thigh muscles against that chair.

7. Inner Thigh Side Squats

 Live Lean TV
  • Stand up tall putting one foot on the chair.
  • Keep that leg straight while bending the other leg down to a 90 degree bend in a squat.
  • Reach across with your opposite arm to opposite foot.
  • Switch sides.

8. Extra-Wide Sumo Squats

 Live Lean TV
  • Open up your legs as wide as you can.
  • Stand with your toes pointed out.
  • Bend with both knees.
  • Holding your hands above your head and keep your torso as upright as possible.

9. Cossak Squat

 Live Lean TV
  • In same position with legs super wide and toes pointed out, squat down over to one side.
  • Make sure your heels do not lift off the ground.
  • If you want an extra challenge, try adding some weight.

10. Standing Ball Roll Outs

 Live Lean TV
  • With a swiss ball, stand up tall put one foot on top of the ball.
  • Roll it out to the side until both legs are straight and roll it back towards your midline.

11. Side Step Adduction W/ Ball

 Live Lean TV
  • Put the ball between your knees.
  • Step to the side and step together squeezing your knees towards your midline.
  • Alternate side to side.

12. Side Step Adduction W/ Ball

 Live Lean TV
  • Sitting position with back against wall.
  • 90 degree squat placing the ball in between your knees.
  • Press your knees in towards the midline flexing.

13. Lying Adduction W/ Ball

 Live Lean TV
  • Lay on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • Squeeze the ball with tension towards the midline.

14. Resistance Band Steps

 Live Lean TV
  • Loop a resistance band to something stable and secure one foot through the other end.
  • Step away from it.
  • Pull it towards your midline.
  • Alternate stepping out together and then back together.

15. Lying Resistance Band Adduction

 Live Lean TV
  • Lie down on your back and loop that stretch band around one ankle.
  • Pull it towards your midline while keeping the other leg straight up in the air.

One last reminder, these are NOT Fat Loss Exercises.

Spot reduction isn’t a thing anyway, but you CAN spot tone and target certain muscles that you want to strengthen.

If your goal is to lose fat in your inner thighs I recommend you do these exercises alongside a fat loss program.

take our quiz and we’ll pair you with the right fat loss program for you.

I hope you enjoyed these exercises and don’t forget to watch the full video demonstration!

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