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Why Exercise Isn’t the Best Way to Lose Weight


If you think you can eat whatever as long as you exercise, keep reading

Exercise can help you lose weight but if you’re eating more than your energy needs you may not lose weight at all.

Why Exercise isn’t the best way to Lose Weight

So we’re a fitness channel right? We love and promote working out intensely and regularly as one of the major components of living lean.

So you might be shocked by what I’m about to tell you.

Keeping all other factors of your lifestyle the same and just introducing exercise is NOT the best way to lose weight.

When it comes to calorie burn, the majority of your calories come from your Basal Metabolic Rate. – This number represents the calories it take just to Be. Just Living. without exercise factored in.

Then, when you do factor in exercise you’ll see it’s a much smaller percentage of your calorie burn.

When you use exercise to build lean muscle, it does help impact your metabolic rate – but by a much smaller amount than just living naturally burns, and while we can gain fat quickly, it may take many months or maybe even years to gain just a few pounds of muscle.

Knowing all of this you can see why NUTRITION is far more important when it comes to changing your body composition or size.

First of all eating is something you have to do to live. Whereas exercise is optional.

You also need to eat multiple times per day, whereas exercise is typically only once a day and not even every single day.

Then there’s the fact that the amount of calories you can eat in one sitting far exceeds the amount of calories you can burn with one workout.. even if that workout was epic. You can easily & even accidentally eat a day’s worth of calories in one sitting

As your live lean coaches, we encourage you to focus on BUILDING MUSCLE during your workouts rather than focusing on how many calories burned.

Even the most intense workout likely only burns the equivalent of 1 healthy meals worth of calories, so even if you’re doing these intense workouts every day, if you’re eating more food than your body needs you can easily gain or retain fat regardless of your workouts.

Next, we want you to dial in your nutrition – meaning figure out how many calories your body needs. Then teach yourself the basics of nutrition and what that many calories actually looks like.

I encourage you to check out our LiveLean20Diet and add on the meal plan so you can get a good visual of what a day’s worth of eating looks like for someone who’s living lean.

I want to be clear about one thing here: We’re not telling you the old conventional advice to EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE. It’s more like EAT & MOVE more intelligently.

Please don’t stop exercising. Movement is so beneficial for you in so many ways other than controlling your weight – just don’t rely on it as the magic bullet that can negate poor eating habits or “erase” junk food.

You will NOT be starving when you’re eating the Live Lean way! We don’t starve ourselves, we don’t go on short term restrictive diets, and we don’t over exercise just to make room for eating junk.

If you have killed yourself in the gym just to see little to no weight loss result then now you know why.

Exercise is just one component of the overall picture of living lean. And you literally cannot out exercise a poor diet.

Start focusing on the quality and quantity of what you put in your mouth.

Exercise to build muscle, burn fat, feel better, and create a lean physique, but don’t use it just for the calorie burn.

Let us know in the comments below: Have you been using exercise as a weight loss tool without changing the way you eat?
We want to hear from you so we know what to help you with in the new year. Please leave your comments down below.

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