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What Am I Doing Wrong?


Ever been frustrated by lack of results?

If you’ve ever wondered what you might be doing wrong, this video is for you

What Am I Doing Wrong?

What Are You Doing Wrong?

We get questions all the time from people who claim to be doing everything right, making healthier food choices, working out regularly, and Not seeing the results they expect.

I want to give you 5 troubleshooting options In case that sounds like you:

First: HOW LONG have you been “eating healthier” and “working out”?

In most cases, It takes at least 6 weeks for an obvious change to occur. If you haven’t even given it over a month yet then the answer is: KEEP ON GOING. If you find you get anxious and discouraged after a week or two and seeing nothing just ask yourself, what’s your other alternative?? If you give up you’re surely not see the results you want.

Second: Just because you’re eating “healthier” doesn’t mean you are eating right for your goals.

The number one most common thing I see is people eating TOO LITTLE. If you’ve spent the last 3 weeks starving yourself trying to lose weight you’re probably in fat storing mode! It’s a real thing. Don’t do that to yourself.
If your goal is to lose weight and lose it for good, your best bet is a slow and steady deficit, eating whole natural foods, high in protein and balanced overall. Not starvation!

Third: You have No Structure or plans to your workouts.

I used to be guilty of this. just walk into the gym and do whatever I felt like that day, or head right to my comfort zone, the treadmill. Non-planned workouts aren’t the worst thing in the world because at least you are exercising, but they certainly aren’t the best if your goal is transformation. To transform your body and get lean you need to be doing movements that work all your major muscle groups and provide enough intensity to create change. Following a program pretty much guarantees you’ll train differently and more intelligently than you would if you just wing it. The other great thing about programs is they tell you when to rest and recover, which is another important part of getting results.

Fourth: Recovery.

Are you getting enough good quality Sleep? Most people don’t and they don’t even know it matters. It does matter. Sleep is essential to repairing your muscles, to creating the right fat burning hormonal environment, and to your long-term health. If you are not getting quality sleep at night it may be negatively affecting your results.

Fifth: Mindset.

Are you really giving it your all & believing results will come or are you just going through the motions, skeptically doing “what you’re supposed to do”?

Do you Know your reason WHY? Why is it important for you to to get lean and healthy?

When you think about the choices you make, you should be able to justify the healthy choices because you see how they fit into the larger puzzle. Every time you’re faced with options you have the opportunity to make a healthy choice or a not-so-healthy choice, and if you feel deprived making the healthier one then it’s just a sign that your mindset isn’t clear on the benefits & you’re just focusing on what you think you’re giving up.

You need to turn your focus around to see what you are gaining instead of stewing on what you’re losing.
I also want you to be able to state your goal in a positive light instead of a negative one, like for example, instead of “I don’t want to be fat, say “I want to be lean” and instead of “I workout because I hate seeing cellulite on my thighs” say “I love to workout because I am building lean sexy legs” make sense? Same goal, spun differently, focused on the positive.

I hope that these 5 tips will help you overcome those feelings of “what am I doing wrong” – because we are so proud of you for taking action and working on your health and fitness! It’s called a journey for a reason and along the way you will have some bumps and hiccups but we encourage you to never give up because good things come to those who persist.

Thank you for watching, see you next Thursday and KEEP living lean

Thanks for watching today’s episode, keep Living LEAN!
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