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Weird Ways to Build Your Booty Using Machines


You’ve used these machines, but have you used them like this??

By using these leg machines in a different way you can target your butt muscles instead of quads and hamstrings.

Weird Ways to Build Your Booty Using Machines

1) Hip Thrusts using the Quadricep Extension Machine

By lifting up the ankle pad and sliding your hips underneath you can do hip thrusts using this machine.

It’s nice because the pad that’s intended for the ankles creates a nice cushion to pad your hips and you and just lean back and relax your upper body instead of holding on like you would with free weights.

2) Donkey Kicks using the Prone Hamstring Curl Machine

By kneeling down on the ground in front of the machine and placing one foot on the ankle pad you can create a resisted kick back exercise instead of the lying hamstring curl that the machine is intended for.

This is a great way to do weighted donkey kicks because you won’t have any cable running into your or anything to strap onto your ankle.
Make sure to stabilize your hips and core so that you’re only moving one leg at a time and nothing else is moving forward or back.

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