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How to Take Progress Pics and Why It’s Important


Document your fitness journey with Progress Pics

It may seem like some people are just born fit. It’s not the case. Fitness is definitely earned, not given.

How to Take Progress Pics and Why It’s Important

Although it may seem that some people just ARE fit — like they’re just born that way — it’s really not the truth. Fitness is earned, not given.

Your fitness journey may start early in your life, even in your childhood, or it may start late – after becoming a grandparent!


However and whenever it starts, is a great time to document your progress.

The number one most common way for people to talk about and track their progress whether it’s weight loss or body transformation or muscle gain is with the weight number on the scale.

Losing pounds, gaining pounds, etc.. BUT As you know if you follow us, We DON’T recommend using your body weight as a measure of progress.

Why not?? When you step on the scale you’re not only measuring your body fat. You’re also measuring your blood volume, your hydration level, your bowels (which can weigh 5 lbs if you haven’t had a good dump lately) and even your hair, & clothing. ALSO: two people of exactly the same scale weight and height could have dramatically different appearances due to muscle and fat percentages. Your weight tells you absolutely nothing about how lean you are. or how healthy you are. or how sexy you look!

So what about inches? you can measure your belly circumference, your biceps, your thighs etc..
But won’t you already KNOW that you lost inches all over once your clothes start fitting looser, you have to go down a size, and you can see and feel your body getting tighter.

When we boil it down to what really matters – it’s how you Look and FEEL. More importantly, how you feel about how you look.

When you get fit – you know it.

You’ll start to walk with a little more swagger, start to have more self confidence, become a little less camera shy, and maybe spend an extra 3 minutes in the bathroom mirin your gainz.

The point I’m trying to make here is that all of the “data” you can collect about your body during your transformation is utterly useless unless you look and feel your best.

So that’s why over the last 12 years as a trainer and fitness coach, I’ve come to the conclusion that progress pics are the best and only way to measure progress.

I love doing side by side comparisons for myself and with my clients, because sometimes even when you don’t think you’ve made progress, you can clearly see it in the pictures!

It’s so encouraging and rewarding to see changes in your body over time and having those “before” pics helps humble us, remind us where we came from, and prove to ourselves that change really is possible, and the future can be even brighter.

Now that we’re in the era of the selfie, progress pics are easier than ever.

I used to use a polaroid with clients when I first started training people.. makes me feel super old right now..

But If you have a smartphone or camera, here’s how I want you to take your progress pics.

Having someone else take the photos for you is the ideal – this way you can do them without a mirror, get better lighting, and make sure to get full body shots.

But if you’re doing it on your own here are the steps:

1) Wear a simple, plain, and form revealing outfit. — not a string thong bikini, but something that you’d actually wear in public. Like a regular bikini bathing suit.
No Loose or baggy clothing, & nothing that you’d never want anyone to see later. 🙂

2) Pic a location where you have a full length or at least knees to shoulders view of yourself that also has a plain unobstructed background. Try to find high contrast between yourself and the background so you don’t blend in.

3) No flash! turn that flash off. a flash reflection in the mirror will distract from your pics.

4) Stand in a basic pose – nothing quirky – not slumpy – just nice and upright, maybe slightly flexed but don’t squeeze or twist in any awkward ways. You should still be able to breathe somewhat normally while flexing.

5) Take more than one angle. I recommend 3. One from the front, one from the side, one from the back.

6) Crop and save these photos for later. If you’re feeling shy you can crop out your face – put them in a folder or on a hard drive where they won’t get lost or deleted.

7) Now get busy getting fit! – Follow a structured program, be consistent and dedicated. One month from now take another set of pics, and keep doing so every 4-12 weeks to watch your body transform. If you don’t know which plan to follow, chat with us on social media to find out which one best fits your needs.

Crop the photos in tight so it’s only focused on your body and not the surrounding area.

progress pics 1 Live Lean TV

Common Progress Pic Mistakes are: using a flash, or not enough lighting. Wearing baggy clothing, or having hunched or slouched posture.

progress pics 2 Live Lean TV

Some progress pics can document your life events as well, such as my recent pregnancy and birth of my daughter 5 months ago


progress pics 3 Live Lean TV Take Progress Pics

Once you see a dramatic difference in your pics send them to us to share and inspire the world.

You can send them to – We want to help celebrate your success. And just think, YOU have the opportunity to inspire someone who needs it.

Even if you never share your pics with anyone, seeing them yourself will motivate you to keep going because you can really SEE that change is real, it’s possible, and it’s happening.

Stay motivated and know that you create the body you have with your everyday habits.

I can’t wait to see your progress pics.

Thx for watching and KEEP living lean.

Thanks for watching today’s episode, keep Living LEAN!
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