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Secret to Dropping 130lbs of Body Fat

130 lbs of fat is a LOT of fat to lose! How is it possible?

Q&A with Coach Jeremy who lost 130 lbs and has kept it off for a decade!

Secret to Dropping 130lbs of Body Fat

I would like to introduce you to our new Live Lean certified Coach: Coach Jeremy!

Jeremy has joined our team and is helping our clients take it to the next level with Live Lean Custom Coaching.

Let’s get to know more about him, how we met, and what his philosophies are on nutrition and training to create and maintain a lean body forever.

1) How did you discover Live Lean TV and how did we meet?

Jeremy: I started following Jessica on a live talk show called “Blab” about 1.5 years ago. She was doing a live show with another trainer and everything she was saying about fitness, nutrition, mindset and philosophy was exactly what I agree with and exactly what I’ve been preaching for so long. So I contacted her and said “we have to do a live show together” and so we did, did several, and they were successful. Then Brad and Jess invited me to do a couple videos on this Live Lean TV channel, and we did a couple, you might recognize me as “the gym douche” hahaha. Was also on one of the early #AskLiveLeanTV podcast episodes.

2) When was THE MOMENT or the event in your life when you decided it was time for change?

Jeremy: One day I just woke up and took a really good look at my life and realized I DESERVED better than to be living the way that I was living. I deserved to treat myself better than I did. At the time I was drinking a tremendous amount of alcohol, smoking 2 packs a day, I was well over 300 lbs, I had massive eating disorders, just horrible habits all the way around.
When I came to this realization. My standards for living raised. And when this happens, you MUST change.

3) What was the first weight loss goal you set for yourself?Did you start out thinking you’d lose 130 or did you break it up into smaller goals?

Jeremy: I didn’t keep in mind that I needed to lose 130lbs. I knew I needed to lose “A LOT”. As much as I preach goal setting & how important that is to my clients now, back when I didn’t do that. I just knew I needed to change, so I identified the things in my life that had to go, and I knew I needed to get more active. I joined a gym. I had zero gym experience at that point. I went in. I saw an elliptical, that looks like something I can do, I thought, so I got on and I had to have looked like an absolute Walrus on this thing. But I did it and ya know what I did it for myself, I didn’t care what anyone else was thinking, and it was wildly successful when I stayed consistent and kept pushing it.

4) How long did it take you to reach your ultimate goal? and was the progress linear or did you have some setbacks?

Jeremy: I still don’t think I’m at my ultimate goal! Haha. I’ve set big goals along the way. After I lost the majority of the weight I was lifting weights and decided I wanted to be a bodybuilder. So I did that. I dove in head first. I competed in bodybuilding. THen I wanted to get strong, so started powerlifting. I competed in powerlifting. Then after that I dove into coaching and helping other people with the same things I struggled with. Now, I still train hard, I still care about my physique and train hard in the gym 5-6 days a week, but My goal now is to help as many people as possible. I want to reach as many people as possible and change lives. That’s what I’m really passionate about.

5) I know you love food as much as we do! What is your favorite cheat meal to indulge on?

Jeremy: Ultimate cheat food, It’s PIZZA and ICE CREAM! It’s always been pizza! What’s funny though, is that even though pizza was probably my biggest binge food, other than candy, when I was obese. I had a very very bad relationship with food, pizza especially. I had to take a break from pizza until I got to a place where I was in control of food instead of it being in control of me. THat’s really something that I coach really hard with my clients who struggle with that same thing, we have to get to a place where we’re not distracting ourselves or coping emotionally with food. Once we are in control, pizza once in awhile is not a bad thing. I have a cheat meal now, once every week or 2 weeks, and it’s always pizza, LOVE IT! haha

6) So you’ve been an online coach for over _?_ years now. What is the BEST part of being an online fitness coach?

Jeremy: I have been an online coach for over 4 years (strictly online) I worked in the fitness industry for years before that, owning my own gym & did in-person personal training and group fitness, but I’ve been online exclusively for over 4 years and I absolutely love it. It’s a way for me to service more people than I could just one-on-one in person, because I can spread my time. It’s amazing to work with people in different parts of the world. I’ve had the privilege of working with people in almost every continent, and I’ve had clients fly me out to some amazing places around the world, to do some kind of hard core coaching sessions 1-on-1 over a long weekend. So online training has really changed my life as far as being able to reach different cultures, reach different people, and get outside of the shell of my town and help people that are struggling with what I’m passionate about anywhere in the world, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I LOVE what I do.

7) If there was a “secret” to losing massive amounts of weight, what would it be?

Jeremy: Well, I can tell you right now! Haha. There are several secrets. They are not really secrets, but there are several keys to losing massive amounts of weight. If you have massive amounts of weight to lose, the first thing you have to do, absolutely without a doubt:
You have to work on your mind. You’re not going on a diet. You’re not just dropping a little bit of weight. You’re changing your entire lifestyle. Because the way that you’ve been living for decades, is not working for you. And so you have to go into this with a very different mindset than the person who’s just looking to lose 5lbs and tighten up a little bit.
You’ve got to completely change your relationship with food, and exercise, and probably many habits in your life. You have to go about it differently mentally, and then consistency. It’s those who stick with it.  I NEVER gave up on myself. That was the key to my success.
Some of the things I tried did not work, other things worked massively well. If anything don’t give up. Stay consistent. Never go back to the way that you lived before.

8) Sometimes people think that their situation is different from others and for whatever reason it won’t be as possible for them as it was for you. What do you tell someone who thinks it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to lose weight?

Jeremy: Yeah! This is common. Very common because we all are not routed to take the hard road, we don’t like pain or discomfort, so when we talk about something that’s hard, we will come up with every excuse to why we can’t do it. I don’t have enough money, I have kids, 2 jobs, I take care of my parents, can’t afford food, don’t have a gym in my town, whatever it may be.
These are our limiting beliefs, the glass ceiling we build above ourselves.
What we have to do is stop the B.S. There are things we can all do that don’t require money, a gym, or anything at all other than a bit of effort. You can start with very short workouts in your own bedroom before you go to bed, or first thing when you wake up.
We make excuses but we can’t allow that. We all have to stop the excuses and do what we can.
When I started I had 3 jobs, a brand new baby, married, another 6 year old daughter. I was broke broke broke. If I worked over time I could afford protein powder, if not, no protein powder. But I keep working at it, did the best I could, and I NEVER gave up.

9) If you could only do 1 exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jeremy: Oh no! Lol. What Kind of torture is this! Haha. If I was thinking strictly results based, I would choose the deadlift since it works the most muscles in the body, but if I had to pick my favorite to do forever probably bicep curls or shoulder presses, I love arm day!

Thanks Coach Jeremy! Thanks for answering these questions and helping us get to know you better.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of Jeremy on this channel, he is already taking on clients in our Custom Coaching program.

If you’re ready to take the leap and invest in your results and really see dramatic transformation like Jeremy has, go to and read more about me and Jeremy and the work we to do with clients helping them take it to the next level and “Dial it in”!

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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