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LUNGES: How To Do Them Right, Reduce Knee Pain, Balance, and Stop Joint Clicking


Here’s How To Do Lunges

There are many forms of lunges – too many for just one video – but today we’ll show you the 12 most common variations and good form tips for each.

My lovely model today is @kellymariecollins

1) Reverse Lunge

Step back and lower down until your front knee is bent at 90 degrees. Keep the weight in your front heel and press the heel down to come up. This variation is great for beginners because it is one of the easiest in terms of balance.

2) Forward Lunge

Same form as the reverse lunge, but you’re moving forward instead of backward. Press into the heel of your front foot to come back to the starting position.

3) Pendulum Lunge

A combination of forward and reverse lunge. Do a forward lunge on your right, then immediately step through to a reverse lunge, then switch and do the same on the other side.

4) Walking Lunge

A forward lunge in motion, step through into your next step which is a forward lunge on the other side.

5) Side Lunge

Start with feet touching together. Take a big step out to the side and bend only the stepping leg while keeping the other leg straight. Feel a good stretch in the inner thigh, then press into the ground with the bent leg to come back to the starting position.

6) Stationary Lunge

Set your feet in a stationary position and lunge down and up.

7) Step Back Lunge

A combination of a squat and a lunge. Start in a narrow squat position, then step back into a lunge, bring that foot back in without standing up.

8) Curtsey Lunge

Like a reverse lunge but crossing your midline in the back, like you’re doing a curtsey. Feel a stretch across your front hip.

9) Sprinter’s Lunge

A reverse lunge with a forward bend to touch the ground with your finger tips as if you’re getting ready for a sprint. with an explosive concentric, lift your knee up into the air as if you’re taking off.

10) Hop Lunge

Just like a sprinters lunge but with a hop. Use your arms

11) Jump Lunge

Jump to alternate sides. Land softly to avoid hitting your knees on the ground

12) Skater Lunge

The jumping version of the curtsey lunge. Jump right to left, landing in a curtsey lunge with a floor touch.

Alternative exercises (lunge substitutes)

  1. Squat – Works the same muscle groups, with greater stability.
  2. Wall sit – A stationary, stable, isometric exercise to work the same muscle groups
  3. Hip Bridges – Takes the pressure off the knees and focuses on the same muscle groups as a lunge.

Please watch the video above to see all 12 of these lunges and the substitutes in action.

To reduce clicking in joints

  1. Warm Up before your workouts – do some bodyweight lunges and a general warm up
  2. Stretch your hips and knees
  3. Foam roll the hip and knee areas.

You will get the best toned leg results by following a complete workout and nutrition plan. These lunges are all excellent exercises but to help you know when and how much of them to do, follow a program designed for your goals.

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