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Free Sign Up: Afterburn 1.0 And Home Shred

It’s Time For Something Fresh

We always talk about how important it is to follow a structured workout training program.

To demonstrate this, we want to lead you through one of our 6 week workout programs, absolutely free.

That way you can see, and feel the difference, of how amazing the results can be when you’re following a plan and you’re consistently sticking to it.

That’s why we filmed all the workouts and are giving them away for free.

It’s time for you to take action.

Free Sign Up: Afterburn 1.0 And Home Shred Programs

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Here’s what we have planned for the next 6 weeks.

Jessica’s 6 Week Home Workout Series: 15 Minute Follow Along Home Workout Videos

home shred Live Lean TV home shred

A lot of you have probably noticed on Jessica’s Instagram that she’s been working out from home.

Jessica is going to be leading you through her home workouts.

Due to the cost and convenience, we know a lot of you want to workout from home and don’t want to go to the gym.

Jessica is going to be leading you through her 6 week Home Shred follow along 15 minute home workouts, filmed in real time, that anyone can do.

During this 6 week series, you are going to be working out rep for rep with Jessica and baby Kyla, using very simple pieces of home equipment.

You’ll be doing these home workouts 3 times per week.

Here is the other workout series.

Brad’s 6 Week Live Lean Afterburn 1.0 Series: 30-60 Minute Gym Workout Videos

Afterburn 1.0 Body Recomposition Workout Plan Live Lean TV Afterburn 1.0

If you train at the gym, Brad is going to be taking you through the Live Lean Afterburn 1.0 workout program.

This means you are going to get our best selling workout program, absolutely free.

Brad takes you into the gym to teach you how to do the entire Live Lean Afterburn 1.0 workout program.

It’s going to be in video format and uploaded to YouTube, 4 days a week.

Which Of These Workout Series Should I Follow?

For those of you who haven’t done it yet, Afterburn 1.0 is such an amazing training plan.

This is basically how Brad and Jessica built the physiques they have.

If you are really serious about transforming your body and you want to get shredded and see wicked results, you will want to follow Brad’s Afterburn 1.0 gym workouts.

Jessica’s Home Shred series is going to be an excellent way to help get you results if you:

  • Are limited with time
  • Have a baby at home
  • Travel a lot
  • Don’t have a lot of workout space

You are also welcome to do both programs.

If you want to do both programs, you could work out with us every day of the week, since you’ll receive a new workout everyday.

This includes:

  • 4 days a week you will be getting Brad’s Afterburn workouts in the gym
  • 3 days a week you will be getting Jessica’s Home Shred workouts at home

What About Nutrition And Motivation?

In the videos, we’re also going to be showing you what we eat, motivational minutes, and answering your questions in a vlog style format.

Ultimately, by joining this workout series, you are going to get more access to us and more overall valuable content.

Bottom line, we want to help you more.

That’s why we’re doing this 6 week workout series.

When you follow this, we know you are going to get wicked results.

Then you’re going to understand why we always talk about the importance of following a program.

Get ready to see Brad, Jessica, and Kyla’s face everyday of the week, for the next 6 weeks.

It’s going to be awesome and we’re super excited.

Basically you’re going to feel like you live with us since you’ll see us every single day.

We expect to see those before and after transformations coming in.

We’re so excited to get started.

Keep Living Lean.