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Is Whole Wheat Bad for Weight Loss?

Isn’t Whole Wheat healthy?!?

Whole Wheat is NOT recommended on a daily basis to live lean!

If you were to compare two diets of the same caloric quantity and same macros, but one contained wheat products and the other did not, you would likely have very similar results, but the main difference would be that the person eating wheat would have a lot harder time sticking to the diet than the person NOT eating wheat. The main problem with wheat is that it’s super addictive! It’s really hard to just have ONE slice of bread or ONE bite of pasta, usually we want to eat more than a recommended portion size, and what’s worse is that you’ll feel hungry again just a few hours later and be more inclined to reach for more carby foods.

There are SO many better alternatives

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Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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