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How To Tighten Loose Belly Skin After Weight Loss or Pregnancy

3 Important Tips to Achieve a Tight Tummy After Losing Weight or After Pregnancy

I’ll save you a scroll here if you just want the short answer:

Getting fit and developing lean muscle is the solution to tightening up your belly.

You can see the results from my clients. Clearly all of them achieved a tighter belly even though they were following my full body transformation program and not necessarily focusing on specifically tightening their bellies. A tight tummy is a nice side effect of overall getting in-shape.

But please keep reading because this post is super full of helpful tips, action steps, and strategies, not just from me, but from the Live Lean community full of women all around the world who’ve successfully tightened up.

Getting Fit has dramatically tightened my tummy skin, preventative measures helped me keep my skin flexible during my pregnancies, and patience, proper, training and nutrition helped me tighten it back up after. First photo was before I started weight training. Second photo is 16 months after my second pregnancy.
17 months after giving birth to this guy 😄

I want you to know that tight belly skin after pregnancy is absolutely possible. Much of my personal success is thanks to preventative measures, but I have learned a lot by helping clients from all over the world who have had various starting points and different skin types.

Here are my 3 tips, and below you will find tips from my clients and friends as well.

First Tip:

Keep Your Expectations Realistic.

Fitness will NOT give you over-night results. You can not tighten tummy skin with just one workout, one week of workouts, or even just one month of workouts.

It’s going to take time, in some cases a few years, but so long as you stay the course and continue getting stronger and more fit, you will absolutely notice a dramatic difference in the tightness of your tummy within a few months or years.

Second Tip:

Follow a Fit Lifestyle Program.

No extreme measures.

No unsustainable plans.

Follow a doable program that works strength training and healthy eating into your normal life.

Remember: It will take more than a few weeks. Plan on training and eating in a way that you can sustain for however long it takes.

You can enjoy your diet, you can have fun with your training. It doesn’t need to feel like torture. You don’t have to be “perfect” and eat only clean and healthy food. You just have to take those micro steps every day to eat well and train well. Every effort you make will add up in the long run.

Third Tip:

Focus on what you can control.

You are born with a certain skin type. We do not have the power to change the color, texture, collagen, or elasticity of our skin.

There’s no use in wishing you had a different skin type.

You don’t need to waste time regretting not taking better care of your skin in the past.

What you CAN do is focus on the steps you can take today and every day going forward from now.

Let go of the past and anything that you cannot change.

Laser focus your attention on TODAY and what you can do today to make a difference.

Today you can decide to start a fitness program, decide to stick with it no matter what obstacle tries to distract you, and make the healthiest choices possible with your nutrition.

The past is what it is, but the future is full of possibilities.

If you want to, then decide to commit to this change.

Focus on the baby steps you can do right now to snowball effect into something amazing.

Community Tips:

A big thanks to those who contributed via my Instastory @jessicagouthrofitness

Here’s what the community had to add:

1: Cutting Sugar

2: Oiling Skin. Every single day, Staying hydrated

3: Firming Creams (Not sure which speficic ones?!)

4: High intense workout with clean and healthy diet

5: Contrast Shower (Hot/Cold temperatures)

6: You can do it without a waist belt

7: Diet and Collagen (Not sure specifically what or what type/dose?)

8: Bio Oil, Scrubbing, Massaging skin in circular motion to energize collagen production. What ultimately worked was growing muscle along with hydrating skin daily sometimes twice a day.

9: Cocoa butter. Being dedicated as she could see a difference after 3rd pregnancy when she was not as dedicated.

Question: Could fasting produce a state of Autophagy (cell renewal) that could help tighten skin or would this be counterproductive to building and maintaining lean muscle?

My Answer: I do not personally do or recommend fasting for Living Lean. What works for me and has always worked (even during pregnancies) is to eat 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks at regular intervals throughout the day. This way of eating provides sustained energy for me that helps me optimize my energy and focus for intense training sessions and ongoing success with Living Lean. If you are curious to see if fasting could work for you the best way to find out is to apply it, continue for a month or at least 2 weeks and see what happens.

If you reading this have had any experience with intermittent fasting that you would like to share please comment below the YouTube video.

If you are overwhelmed not knowing where to start, we have a quick 4 question quiz you can take to find the best program match for you. Click here to take the quiz.

Check out my clients results after following my Full Body Transformation program.

You can see that my clients always achieve tighter tummy skin when they follow the advice above and focus on the things they can control.

Tighter tummies for all 😁

Keep training hard and getting stronger. and as always, KEEP, Livin Lean 😄


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Question For You:

  • Do you have any tips to add? What has helped you the most to tight up your belly skin?

Share your answer in the comment section below.

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3 responses to “How To Tighten Loose Belly Skin After Weight Loss or Pregnancy

  1. Nothing has worked up till now for my loose belly skin. I got it right after my first baby. Despite doing crunches n many other exercises sometimes regularly n sometimes missing it just didn’t work for my tummy. Tummy also not going after my 3rd baby despite regular exercising. So tired of it now .

  2. I have been eating really really healthy for years but started gaining weight since I moved to Greece 2 years ago (and with age and lack of exercise) and noticed I was eating and snacking more late at night, due to my evening remote work schedule.

    So 3 weeks ago, I decided to try the 12:12 intermittent fasting where I stop eating around 10 pm and don’t eat anything until 10 am the next morning. I must say after 3 weeks of doing this, which I find really easy by the way, I can see quite a difference in my belly area. It looks much better (less bloated) and I feel better when I awake each day. I feel lighter too and I am finding that this has helped to curb any cravings and tendencies to overeat, as I get full really quickly now.

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