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How To Create A Think And Live Lean Book Review

Think And Live Lean

Think And Live Lean

Live Lean Nation, as you know, my new book, Think And Live Lean, launched on April 12, 2016.

I’ve spent over the last 2 years of my life pouring my heart and soul into writing this book.

Putting it out in the public scares the crap out of me.

Why Does This Scare Me?

Well, by sharing the contents in this book, I’m making myself super vulnerable.

Although this book is filled with practicable, real world, action steps for you to implement into your life today, it was also a therapeutic tool for me.

I share so many personal stories in this book.

The struggles I faced with my self-confidence, my frustrations with my lack of physical results in the beginning, failing at my marriage and losing my best friend in the process, moving on from my close group of childhood friends, making just $2/hr for over 2 years in the beginning of my entrepreneurial venture, and so much more.

The initial goal is BOOK REVIEWS

Think And Live Lean

My goal is to get 102 Amazon book reviews by my birthday, August 3, 2016.

The book reviews to-date have been AMAZING!

Think and Live Lean

Favor #1: [MOST IMPORTANT] Can I count on you to post your review and how Living Lean has changed your life to Amazon?

If any of my over 900 videos, 600 blog posts, 165+ cooking videos, 100s of workout videos, social media posts, etc have helped you out over the past 5 years, now is the time to help me out.

It would mean the world to me 🙂

Here’s How To Do An Amazon Review

How To Review My Book, Think And Live Lean

Simply go back to the Amazon page where you bought the book, kindle book, or audiobook.

Then click on the grey “Write a customer review” button:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 12.36.10 PM

Tell me your initial thoughts on the book and how Living Lean has changed your life.

That’s it. Takes 2 minutes and would mean A LOT to me!

Favor #2: Social Media Reviews

After you post your Amazon book reviews, it would be amazing if you could post that review to your social media (particularly Instagram), blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Here’s How To Do An Awesome Social Media Book Review

Think And Live Lean Book Review

#1. Take A Photo With The Think And Live Lean Book

Think And Live Lean Book Review

The above photo is an example of some creative book review concepts that I found on Instagram.

The book should be clear, well lit, and the hero of the picture. It’s makes it even better when you’re in the picture with it. However, if you have a really creative concept for the photo, you don’t have to be in it.

#2. Write A Caption


In the caption section, write a review of your initial thoughts of the book (you don’t have to wait until you finish it), and how Live Lean TV has helped you live a leaner and healthier life.

#3. Tag Me And Use Hashtags

Make sure you tag me in your photo, @BradGouthro (it’s @BradGouthroFitness on Facebook) and use hashtag #ThinkAndLiveLean. Feel free to add other hashtags as well since the more you use, the more people will see and like your post. Examples include: #LiveLeanTV #LiveLeanNation #TeamLiveLean #bookstagram #bookreview #fitness #LiveLean, etc. Or link back to my website if you’re doing a blog post.

That’s It!