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How to Burn Fat without a Treadmill

There is no need to go to the gym to get your cardio done. This workout can be done right now in front of your computer or smartphone

Sometimes I hear the excuse that people don’t do cardio because they can’t find time to get to the gym. Well the truth is…Fat burning exercise (otherwise known as cardio) just simply means any physical activity that elevates your heart rate and can be sustained for longer than 3 minutes. Hopefully your creative juices are now flowing and you’re imagining all the various ways this can be accomplished, the possibilities are endless!

Fat Burning doesn’t have to take a whole hour and doesn’t require anything more than your own bodyweight and some creativity.

Many Live Leaners are close to their ideal body but just have 5 to 10lbs of excess body fat covering up their hard earned muscle definition. I want you to know that fat burning is simple, but it requires daily “cardio” activity until your goal is reached.

So let’s ignore the excuses and get to work with today’s workout that you can do indoors, outdoors, really anywhere you are, and it only requires two simple pieces of equipment, that are actually optional. This workout can absolutely be done with NO equipment, but I like to add in simple pieces like a small step or jump rope to keep it fun and interesting.

This workout is filmed at the gym where I train private clients in Playa del Rey California, it’s called REAL FITNESS and I love it’s concept of being an “athletic performance” gym, basically just open space with various equipment but NO machines! I love this because I almost never train my clients on machines anyway. The best workouts are the ones where your body is doing most of the work!

You can also follow my daily life and see what I eat and do on instagram @jessicarumbaugh and snapchat @snapyjessy. You’ll probably even see me at this gym daily!

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