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How I Got My Body Back After Baby

Use my 5 tips to get your body back FAST after having a baby

I’ve been getting so many questions about how I got back in shape so fast.

How I Got My Body Back After Baby

I’m currently 5 months postpartum and have been pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy shape since 3-4 months postpartum. I say pretty much because I’ve definitely lost some muscle and strength which will take me a while to re-gain, but size and appearance wise, I feel like the old me again.

I get a lot of questions about how I did it so quickly and what I recommend so I wanted to share my experience with you:

First Step:
I reached my goal fitness before conception
I understand that not everyone plans when they will conceive, but if you think you might want to in the future then I urge you, get in shape NOW! It’s never a wrong time to be ready, don’t put it off. If you reach your goal fitness preconception you’ll have an easier pregnancy and easier recovery.

I Allowed recovery – I did only gentle activity in the first 6 weeks after giving birth. I was “exercising” as soon as 7 days post delivery – but very very slow and short duration. I’d do a couple of glute bridges, donkey kicks, and side planks, then get back into bed to nurse my baby. It’s important you don’t injure yourself and make your recovery time even longer, so even though you may be anxious to get moving again, take it slow.

I Made plans – decide what is the best time of day for you to workout and try to designate that hour to your workout. I don’t recommend working out every single day in a row when you’re just getting back into it. Start with 3 days per week, then increase to 4 and then 5 or 6. I made sure I was training in a balanced way, balancing resistance training, with cardio & having a good variety of exercise types.

I got creative
Instead of frustration of “not being able to workout” I started doing move I could do WITH my baby, and squeezing in home fitness whenever and wherever I could. I took the stairs more often, I went for longer walks, I got creative instead of getting discouraged.

I focused on THE BASICS
Full body movements, & REAL WHOLE FOODS. All too often people, especially women, get way too stressed about the details of fitness like how many minutes long your workout needs to be, how high your heart rate needs to get, etc.. and forget all about the simple basics and consistencies.
These exercises are way more effective and time efficient
Don’t stress about the small things in fitness, make sure you have the big picture things going right like the right exercises, the right frequency, the right amount of food and recovery, etc..

If you’re looking for a program to follow postpartum that focuses on the basics and helps you train actually WITH your baby you must check out my program LIVE LEAN MOM. I’ve included every supplement I have been taking postpartum, and what foods I have been eating.

I hope you’ll enjoy the program and have an awesome recovery after birth as well.

Thanks for watching today’s episode, keep Living LEAN!
If you wanna see how I had an amazing and healthy pregnancy, check out my program Live Lean Pregnancy.

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