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Fix Your Hip Dips [How to + 7 Best Hip Exercises]

What are Hip Dips?

The term “Hip Dip” refers to the indented area that shapes the side of the hips.

Some women wish to smooth out this curved in shape to have a rounder, fuller looking hip shape.

Here’s how you can Smooth Out Hip Dips:

1) Reduce your body fat percentage to eliminate stored fat in the saddle bags.

Typically we see a reduction in saddle bag fat when a woman’s body fat percentage is lower than 25% and an increase of stored fat in the area when she is above 35% body fat.

Nutrition is going to be the number one factor in achieving a lower body fat percentage, but a combination of strength and cardio training can help too.

2) Train the muscles surrounding your hips.

Firming up the muscles surrounding your hips is a great way to fill in that indent. Muscle is the number one thing that will give your hips the sexy round and smooth shape you’re looking for.

These 7 exercises are my absolute favorites for target toning this area:

1) Stationary Lunges:

  • To do the Stationary Lunge, take a split stance with feet wide apart and both feet pointing forward.
  • Lower straight down until your front knee forms a 90 degree bend.
  • Be careful not to hit your back knee on the ground.
  • Press through your front heel and back toe to rise up to the top and flex both legs.

2) Pop Squats

  • To do a Pop Squat, Start by standing with your feet together
  • Jump your feet wider than shoulder width apart and squat down to a 90 degree bend.
  • Jump up from the squat, bringing your feet back together but just popping right back into the next squat.
  • Imagine the floor in the middle is hot and you can only touch it for a split second.
  • Keep your head, chest and shoulders nice and high to maintain good posture.
  • Continue moving quickly as possible while emphasizing both your speed and the depth and good form of each squat.

3) Walking Lunge Squat Combo

  • To do the Db Walking Lunge Squat Combo, stand with your feet together and dumbbells in both hands.
  • Take one walking lunge step forward, holding the dumbbells by your hips.
  • Step pinto a squat position, curl the dumbbells up under your chin and do one goblet squat.
  • Continue alternating between lunge and squat and turn around when you run out of space to go back the other direction.

4) Deadlifts:

  • To do the Db Stiff Leg Deadlift, stand with feet about hip width apart, holding the dumbbells in front of your hips
  • Keeping your back straight, hinge only at the hips to lower the dumbbells down towards your feet as if you’re picking something up off the ground.
  • Feel a stretch in your hamstrings then rise back up an press your hips slightly forward to flex your glutes.
  • Keep you neck in neutral and look down as you lower the weights.

5) Glute Bridge

  • To do the Db Glute Bridge, lay down on your back and place one dumbbell across your hips, holding it with both hands.
  • Press your heels into the ground to lift your hips by flexing your glutes.
  • Keep your core tight and in a straight line without overarching your back.
  • Exhale at the top and focus on the contraction of the glutes.

6) Curtsey Lunge

  • To do the Db Curtsey Lunge, stand with feet together and dumbbells at your sides.
  • Take a step back and across your midline to drop down into a curtsey.
  • Keep your head and chest up throughout the movement and avoid bowing forward.
  • Press back to standing then switch and curtsey on the other side.
  • Emphasize the stretch feeling across the hip of the front leg.

7) Sweep Back Drop Lunge

  • To do the sweep back drop lunge, stand with feet together and hands on your hips
  • Sweep one leg back and up, leaning forward but with your head and chest still lifted
  • With that leg still behind you, drop down into a back lunge, forming a 90 degree bend with your front knee.
  • Press up from the lunge, bring both feet back together, then repeat with another sweep back into drop lunge.
  • Continue these reps with emphasis on full range of motion and good form.

Please watch the video above to see all 7 of these hip exercises in action.

You will get the best smooth hip results by following a complete workout and nutrition plan. These exercises are all excellent for the hips but to help you know when and how much of them to do, follow a program designed for your goals.

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