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Fitness For Women Over 50

How should women over 50 be training?

How you eat and train in your 20’s sets you up for your 30’s, your 40’s set you up for your 50’s, your 50’s sets you up for your 60’s, and so on…it’s never a bad time to get in shape!

Fitness For Women Over 50

How should women over 50 be training and eating to stay fit?

I’m Jessica Gouthro, a certified personal trainer for over 12 years now, and I’ve had many female clients over the age of 50 in my training career. So I have been lucky and blessed to witness lots of fierce, fit, amazing women.

But even better than hearing about it from me, is to show you first hand my beautiful mama Desiree Rumbaugh, who happens to be a super fit woman at age 58! (she’s a grandma!)

Honestly she’s in the best shape now that I’ve ever seen her. She’s stronger, more flexible, and more balanced than ever in her life.

She has a few things to tell you about how with age, we can all get EVEN better, which is the opposite of most people’s thinking that getting older means getting worse.

First we’re going through a quick workout to show you guys a little behind the scenes look at how she trains in the weight room.

Here is the Circuit Training and HIIT Cardio workout I put her through:


In the video you can see that we put a big emphasis on her form, controlled tempos, and we modify some moves like push-ups and pull-ups to work with her current strength level.

I recommend people of ALL ages to do training like this and focus on form and quality above quantity and/or duration, but this is especially important for older trainees.

Just because you are over 50 does not mean you’re a beginner, so you can see a lot of the stuff she’s doing here is considered advanced and may not be suitable for everyone of the same age of 58.
If you are new to training I’d recommend modified versions of these moves and/or longer rest periods between exercises. (she rests about 30-45 seconds between exercises)

Desiree’s nutrition tips for women over 50 or who are going through menopause are to:

  • Seek more greens, vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid Alcohol (even small amounts)
  • Avoid processed sugar and flour (bake with alternatives)
  • Keep a balanced diet as much as possible

Desiree’s Fitness tips for Women over 50 are:

  • Do something every day, even if it’s just a light walk.
  • Never go more than 4 days without a workout, even if it’s simple stuff in your hotel room
  • Be creative and positive
  • Surrender your ego & pride, if the gym intimidates you then workout at home or hire a trainer to show you how to use the gym.
  • Don’t think that getting older means getting worse, you can and should still make progress with strength, flexibility and overall health.

We hope this was inspiring to you and can’t wait to keep sharing the fitness inspo as we both continue to age.

Check out our collaboration cookbook:

Desiree is coming out with a new book this summer called Fearless Over 50. Stay tuned for more details on this book.

Thanks for your comments, & KEEP! Living Lean!

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