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Best Cardio for Maximum Fat Loss

Thinking the more the better?

I wish someone had told me this when I first started out.

When it comes to Cardio, the more the better is really NOT the best approach.

I made this mistake early on in my fitness journey and it ended in burnout, physical and emotional exhaustion, and ultimately back-firing my fat loss results.

I hope to save you some heartache and wasted time and energy by showing you the best cardio type, duration and frequency for maximum fat loss.

What Type of Cardio is best?

Interval Training with Bodyweight Cardio Exercises.

I recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the best type for fat loss. For beginners, start with Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) and work your way up to higher intensity and higher impact.

How Often Should Cardio be done?

1 to 2 times per week is a good frequency for long-term maintenance.

During transformation mode you can do it up to 6x per week.

How Long Should the Sessions be?

10 Minutes.

You may not think 10 minutes is enough, but trust me, if it’s HIIT, 10 mins is plenty.

Focus on high energy output instead of long duration.

If you are truly giving the workout your best effort you will find that 10 minutes is more than enough to get your heart rate to its maximum and feel very satisfied that you gave the workout your all.

Why focus on strength training?

You are actually getting a great cardio workout during your strength training sessions. Wear a heart rate monitor during your next strength session and you will see.

Strength training also comes with the added benefit of raising your metabolic rate, increasing the amount of calories you burn while at rest.

By using the majority of your workout time on strength training you’ll increase your body’s natural ability to stay lean with ease.

If you want me to do all the thinking and planning for you, follow my programs. Everything I’ve advised here is reflected in my training guides. We have a quick 4 question quiz you can take to find the best program match for you. Click here to take the quiz.

I hope this post saves you from physical and mental exhaustion and makes fat loss easier for you. Thanks for reading, and as always, KEEP, Livin Lean 😄


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