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Best BEGINNER Bodyweight Exercises

How to modify advanced bodyweight exercises to a level that you can do right now.

Last week we showed you 44 of the most amazing bodyweight exercises you can do at home.

One of the most common responses from that video is that the exercises are TOO HARD.

So here are some ways you can modify those exercises to be more accessible for every fitness level.

The exercises are demonstrated by my lovely guest: My 61 year old Mom. 🙂

She’s not just any typical mom. This mom happens to be super fit because she’s been staying fit and active all her life. Starting with dance in her earliest years, then yoga for more than 3 decades, and more recently, in her late 50’s, beginning to lift weights at the gym.

So even though my Mom is super fit, she was struggling with some of the exercises from my last video.

She wanted to help me share with you some ways to regress those moves to a more doable level that anyone can work on.

Now that you are working out at home, this is a perfect opportunity to put these moves to use and become stronger and fitter than ever.

Watch to see my mom demo 10 amazing bodyweight exercise modificaions.

Number 4 is my favorite. 🙂

Here is the list of modified exercises for you to try:

  1. Side plank rotations, down in a modified knees-down plank
  2. 1 leg reach outs touching your back foot to a wall
  3. Modified Superman pushup on all fours
  4. Rock & roll burpees, taking it slow and without the jump
  5. Hindu pushup, slowly controlling the descent and using knees to get back up
  6. Pikes on ball, or using two hardcover books on a carpet surface
  7. Side to side lying knee raises, or one knee raise at a time
  8. Frozen v-sit or boat sit
  9. 1 leg jumps
  10. Bodyweight tricep extension with upper body elevated on a chair, maybe also lowering the knees to the floor.

To follow this as a complete workout:

Beginners: Complete one set of each exercise on the list. Do as many reps as you can with good form. Rest as long as needed between exercises.

Intermediate: complete a second round of each exercise on the list. Rest only 2o sec or less between exercises.

Advanced: Complete a 3rd round of the circuit of 10 exercises. Increase the intensity by following the versions shown in the 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Video. Rest only 10 seconds or less between exercises.

—– This will be a great workout for you, but even better would be to get yourself on a well structured program.

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One response to “Best BEGINNER Bodyweight Exercises

  1. I do 2-3 15 min. HIIT workouts to start (to warm myself up) then some 15 to 20 min. weights (light dumb bells 5lbs) then lower ab then arms ( which are my trouble zones :/ )

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