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What is the Best Diet?

Different diets were put to the test, and the results were awesome!

Have you ever wondered if there’s one perfect diet out there that would work for everybody?

What Diet is the Best?

There are SO many different diets out there these days that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and have a hard time sticking to one. Some people promote low-fat vegan diets, while others promote high-fat animal protein diets and both are claiming to achieve the same results! Recently a new TV show came out showcasing a handful of different diets, and each diet was put to the test. “My Diet is Better than yours” is a reality competition on ABC hosted by Shaun T, which premiered in January of this year.

The goal for each of the 5 contestants is to lose as much weight as possible with the help of their chosen expert based on which diet strategy they think would work best for them. If you haven’t seen this show I highly recommend you watch it. It’s very entertaining and we can all learn a great lesson from it.

Whether the contestants were eating kale and bananas & jumping on trampolines, or eating dark chocolate and stirring butter into their coffee, with intense 7 minute workouts per day, they ALL got incredible life-changing results. It goes to show that the magic lies more in the commitment and dedication to the GOAL, than in the actual plan. The one thing each contestant had in common was a burning desire to succeed and extreme accountability to their weigh-ins and to their coaches. Not to mention a hefty money prize at the end for the winner!

But you don’t have to be on a reality TV show to get incredible results. Just check our success stories ( to see for yourself real, normal people just like you who made the commitment and decided to trust us as their coaches, they followed our programs and changed their bodies and their lives.

As you know from watching our channel, Brad and I promote what we like to call they Live Lean lifestyle. It’s not a diet, but rather a way of eating that supports lean muscle gains and fat loss. We pair this healthy eating with intense and strategic exercise to get people from all over the world incredible results. Brad and I have also been living lean with this style of eating and training for many years.

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Thanks for watching and KEEP Living Lean!

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