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5 Minute Wake Up Workout


Wake up with this 5 Moves in 5 Minutes Workout

This workout is even more effective than coffee in getting your day started right. You’ll be energized and feeling good after doing these 5 moves in just 5 minutes.

5 Minutes is enough to wake up your muscles and get you prepared for a healthy day!

Follow my beautiful guest Gigi (@gigieatscelebrities) through this simple 5 minute workout using only a chair and a pillow. You can do this right in your bedroom and it will help you get refreshed and ready to start your day!

Do as many reps as you like of each of the 5 moves

Move #1 Plank with 1 arm Flye
Move #2 Lateral Lunges on the Chair
Move #3 Modified Chair Step Ups
Move #4 Full Chair Step Ups with Knee Raise
Move #5 Pillow Supported Knee tucks for Abs

Follow the video to see the correct form and technique for each move.

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5 Minute Wake Up Workout

5 Minute Wake Up Workout

5 Minute Wake Up Workout

5 Minute Wake Up Workout

5 Minute Wake Up Workout

5 Minute Wake Up Workout

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