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5 Minute Upper Body Stretch Routine

Follow me through this upper body recovery stretch routine.


Taking some time to stretch, massage and relax your muscles after intense workouts is so important to your overall wellness and long term success with Living Lean.

The small investment of just 5 minutes of your time after your workouts is all you need to enjoy better recovery.

To follow this stretch routine:

1) If you are not warmed up yet, do 20 reps of jumping jacks. If you are doing this immediately post workout you can skip this step.

It’s important to be warmed up before you stretch.

2) Doorframe Side Stretch

Hold onto the edge of a doorframe or squat rack with one hand above your head and the other at waist height. Lean to the side and press your hips away from the door. Alternate sides and hold each side for a full deep breath. Continue for 3 reps per side.

3) Upper Back & Lats Foam Rolling

Lay on a foam roller with it placed right behind your upper back.
Lift your hands behind your head then begin to roll up and down to massage the muscles.
Turn to the side to get that crease behind your armpit and make sure to do the same on the other side.

4) Thread the Needle Stretch

In a kneeling position, loop one arm through the middle and reach until you can place your shoulder on the ground. Hold this stretch for a deep breath, then switch sides. Continue alternating for 3 per side.

5) Seated Neck Stretches

In any comfortable seated position, reach your right hand down towards the ground while stretching your neck the opposite direction. Alternate sides for 3 times per side, being gentle and careful not to pull on your neck.

Next make big circles with your head to stretch all sides of your neck.


That’s it! You can spend longer on this if you like doing additional reps or more time with each stretch, but spending at least 5 minutes at the end of your workouts will help you recover faster and see better results from your training.

Join us in Living Lean by following your first program. If you are serious about body transformation and staying lean forever then you MUST commit to a program.

Thanks for watching and sharing this video and…keep Living Lean!

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